Arts Orbit Weekly: 4/23/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, April 23
Pulled pork and free beer? You can’t hope for anything better on an 80-degree day, especially if it’s at the Twin Cities’ best-looking coffee shop. After porking up, you have to ask yourself what kind of adventure you’re ready for. If you want a driving adventure, turn north to downtown and catch Kati Ray at Trocaderos. If you want an aesthetic adventure, stay in Uptown and see Sin Nombre.

Friday, April 24
It’s a hoary stereotype, but tonight it’s true: in Minneapolis, things are amplified. In St. Paul, things crawl.

Saturday, April 25
If you listen to The Current, you’ve heard enough M. Ward to last a million billion lifetimes. If not, head to First Ave tonight for his gig with the Watson Twins. (Sponsored by which radio station? You get three guesses, and two don’t count.)

Sunday, April 26
After implicitly dissing my home town, I feel compelled to point out that the Capital City is one-upping its westerly neighbor in the Department of Limitless Booze. Like that bottomless wine glass at D’Amico’s? Try the bottomless mimosa at Jay’s Cafe on Raymond. Just five Pocahontas dollars! Even if you work your way down to a buck a glass, you’ll be sobered up in time to get punch-drunk on theater of the absurd.

Monday, April 27
As Goatie says, “It’s Monday. Hide me from the world.” Hole up at your hut with a murder mystery that just may, by this point, have won a Minnesota Book Award.

Tuesday, April 28
You’re used to arts organizations asking for you to pitch in by opening your wallet, but In the Heart of the Beast is asking you to pitch in by rolling up your sleeves and slathering up with papier-mâché. (In fact, if you can correctly spell and punctuate “papier-mâché,” they might just give you a donation.)

Wednesday, April 29
Given my editorial frustrations with HOTB’s refusal to allow a space between the words “MayDay,” it doubly pains me to recommend two irritatingly punctuated things in a row (see dining section, below)—but I must in good conscience tell you that you will not regret treating yourself to a treaty treat from Bread, Coffee and Cake.

Daily Planet arts roundup


This week’s music coverage featured a host of shiny, happy people. First, there’s the bubbly Kati Ray, a Christian artist who, like Spud Too Tight, illustrates the importance of conducting trial searches on YouTube and Google before choosing your performing moniker. Then there’s the cheerful M.anifest, who shared a bill last weekend with Black Blondie. And finally, there’s the one and only Boday, who gives his albums titles like Butterfly Wings.


Our coverage of Minnesota Book Awards finalists continues with Dwight Hobbes’s review of Shelter Half, the only novel by the late, great Carol Bly.


Erik McClanahan reviews the immigrant epic Sin Nombre, which he calls the best American independent film of the year so far.


Don’t miss Bedlam’s Dalí-DADA, even if you have to skip the first half. (Actually, intentionally skipping the first half isn’t a half-bad idea.)

Design and Style

Our newest arts section kicks off with a MNFashion Week preview from the ladies of l’etoile, Jahna Peloquin’s tribute to the style of “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale, and Mary Kay Bailey’s plea for Ork Designs to please make a Minneapolis-St. Paul neighborhood map.


How can you have a passion for bread and not realize it? Ask Robert Dubuc, proprietor of St. Paul’s Bread, Coffee and Cake. (To quote Vampire Weekend, who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? Not Robert Dubuc.)

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