Arts Orbit Weekly: 2/5/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, February 5
Whatever your quibbles about the recent tightening of administrative oversight at the MIA’s Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program, it’s hard to argue with the quality of the remarkable work currently on display in the MAEP gallery. I’ll be on the critic’s dunk-tank seat (figuratively, not literally—so far as I know) at tonight’s Trialogue, featuring artists Nick Conbere, Michelle Johnson, Jack Pavlik, and Sonja Peterson.

Friday, February 6
Feast! Laugh! Fight!

Saturday, February 7
There are people in this world who feel the need to strap misshapen tennis rackets to their feet and walk around in the snow. If you’re one of them, you probably want to participate in the Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle. If you’re like me and prefer to sit in a comfortable seat while other people do the shuffling, check out Dance Revolutions at the U.

Sunday, February 8
Tonight’s your last chance to see bad art come to life at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. (Conveniently, it’s also the BLB’s Neighborhood Night, with specials on drinks and appetizers.)

Monday, February 9
Speaking of drink specials…it’s a weekday again! That means that after two long weekend days, it’s finally happy hour again at Pancho Villa on Eat Street. Two-for-one margaritas, andale!

Tuesday, February 10
Without the legendary Hammond B-3 organ, we wouldn’t have “Gimme Some Lovin’,” we wouldn’t have “Like a Rolling Stone,” and we wouldn’t have B-3 Organ Night at the Artists’ Quarter—where the Tuesday Night Band serves up a fat slab of that delicious sound.

Wednesday, February 11
Cat people: you know who you are, and if you’re not a cat person you know who you know who are cat people. (Say that five times fast.) If you are a cat person or you know people who are cat people—and you know you do—than you ought to head down to the U’s Coffman Union Bookstore for an appearance by local vet Justine Lee, who will be presenting her new book It’s a Cat’s World…We Just Live in It. (Her previous book: It’s a Dog’s Life, But It’s Your Carpet.)

Daily Planet arts roundup


This week we profiled two dominating performers: Dwight Hobbes spoke with journeyman hillbilly Erik Brandt, and the Minnesota Women’s Press profiled Half Demon Doll, the baddest teenage girl band in all of Burnsville.


Between Melissa Slachetka and Matt Everett, it was unanimous: bad art makes for good theater. Just up Lake Street, Jon Behm found that the Jungle Theater’s Hitchcock Blonde falls flat despite all the curves on display.


Jim Brunzell III filed his second report from Sundance, with a handful of good documentaries to recommend; and Daniel Cubias observes that, for all its failings as a film, Hamlet 2 at least has some good roles for Hispanic actors.


Glenda Martin, facilitator of many book groups, raves about the sexual, spiritual novelist Pamela Carter Joern.


Kept out of Singapore by a passport technicality (or a nefarious plot), Jeremy Iggers headed to Bali instead.

Visual Arts

Chris Steller caught up with DeAnna Cummings of Minneapolis’s Juxtaposition Arts, who is currently hanging out at Harvard with her husband. Back in Minneapolis, Shieva Salehnia wrote about Changing Identity, a new exhibit of contemporary art by Vietnamese women.

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