Arts Orbit Weekly: 2/26/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, February 26
Rent was toned down for production by high schools—but not toned down enough for Red Wing High and dozens of other high schools around the country, which backpedaled on performing the show with its frank treatment of sexuality and drug use. Not the Main Street School of Performing Arts, which is going boldly forward and mounting—er, that is, presenting—the show at the Southern Theater.

Friday, February 27
Jenny Dalton’s heading down to Des Moines next week, so stop by the Nomad World Pub tonight and shower her with Gopher State love to help brace her for the trip into enemy territory.

Saturday, February 28
What is Our Starry Universe? It’s a collaboration between Hardland/Heartland and Monica Canilao, opening tonight at Art of This. The installation “will include but never be limited to painting, collage, fabric, sculpture, performance and video and sonic compositions.” Why limit yourself?

Sunday, March 1
Have you ever heard thrilling veena? No, it’s not an indie rock band—it’s classical Indian music, free tonight in downtown Minneapolis.

Monday, March 2
Continuing in the Tom Green tradition of handling cancer of the private bits with openness and humor is Mikael Rudolph, who has chronicled his battle with rectal cancer in Cancer My Ass! It’s playing tonight as part of the Spirit in the House Festival.

Tuesday, March 3
Yes, you can dine in Chanhassen sans kickline. Specifically, Jeremy Iggers suggests trying the superb Szechuan at Tian Jin.

Wednesday, March 4
All Powder, no puff! Four female vets appear at the U Bookstore this afternoon to read from a new collection of poems and essays by women who have served in the military.

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Daily Planet arts roundup


A stellar Varsity Theater show featuring Alicia Wiley and the Zmo Trio caused Dwight Hobbes to see God…or at least to thank Him. (Her?)


Matt Everett continued his Fringe lottery postgame analysis, looking at entries including Dancing Nude; a dramatization of the last (botched) hanging Minnesota ever attempted; a puppet slam; and I Can Has da Force, an LOLcat translation of Star Wars. In other theater news, Kathlyn Stone profiled Mikael Rudolph and Jon Behm reviewed a sizzling performance by Zorongo Flamenco.


Jeremy Iggers found great food in unexpected places: Alsatian-Lithuanian cooking in Golden Valley and Chinese food in Chanhassen. He also enjoyed dinner at the Homeless Cafe, with honors at the stove done by Hotel Sofitel chef Serge Devesa.

Visual Arts

Mason Riddle, president of the Visual Arts Critics Union of Minnesota, reviewed the stellar retrospective by James Kielkopf, unsung hero of local art.


What’s all this hoopla about Derek Jarman? Lydia Howell explains, in her review of his debut picture Sebastiane, what was special about the late British filmmaker.

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