Arts Orbit Weekly: 2/12/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, February 12
“Invite all your friends and family over for a home cooked meal, enjoy some quality time spent together, make sure you all carpool to the show, make sure you got some comfortable dancin’ shoes on, and be prepared to get loose!” So says Michael Franti by way of instructing Daily Planet readers on how to get ready for his show tonight.

Friday, February 13
To raise money for a new PA system, the Hex is inviting 13 bands to play 13-minute sets. Once you’ve made your donation to the cause, you may want to escape the cacophony and relax to the mellow music of Jello Slave.

Saturday, February 14
Why does Valentine’s Day exist? People in love don’t need an excuse to be all nerdy for each other, and people not in love don’t need to be reminded of the fact. Heart-day haters can convene at two anti-Valentine events today. At 3 p.m., the Midtown Global Market—perhaps feeling bitter about declining patronage—is inviting Twin Citizens to “shred the love” by participating in a communal trashing of tokens from past paramours. Later that night, Lamb Lays With Lion invites you to the Sound Gallery for F*ck You I Love Me: “a big crazy party where you’re sure to fall into something—be it love of a man, woman, music, a cookie, or simply a full and well-deserved appreciation of yourself.”

Sunday, February 15
Two local theater companies are marking Black History Month with productions dramatizing the Civil Rights Movement for young audiences. Youth Performance Company is performing Little Rock 1957 at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center, and SteppingStone Theatre is reviving Ruby! The Story of Ruby Bridges. Today there are matinee performances of both productions.

Monday, February 16
I am badass! I am militant! I am a fundraiser for the RNC 8. Who am I? I am the Powderhorn Snowball War.

Tuesday, February 17
It’s February, which means that it’s just past the middle of winter, which means that the summer grilling season has officially begun. Grab some choice cuts from the Kramarczuk Deli, throw on the new Guy Davis album, slip a Hawaiian shirt over your peacoat, and fire up the Weber.

Wednesday, February 18
Batsheva’s Shalosh: “Bellus,” “Humus,” and “Seus.” Mazel tov!

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Daily Planet arts roundup


This week we previewed a flurry of great shows…don’t miss the ones you haven’t missed yet!
• In town last weekend were South African musicians Vusi Mahlasela and Rokia Traore.
• Top Somali MC K’naan was at the Varsity Theater last night.
• Tonight Michael Franti is at the State Theatre, and babies will be sucking blood at the Hexagon Bar.
• At the Dakota tomorrow night are new-music combo Jello Slave.
• And next week at Orchestra Hall: Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

If you’d prefer to enjoy some quality music in the comfort of your own home, take Dwight Hobbes’s recommendation and pick up a copy of Guy Davis’s new Red House release, Sweetheart Like You.


The Daily Planet’s Minnesota Voices series this week featured two remarkable women from two different generations, both involved with theater: poet/playwright Marcie Rendon and young actress Amani Ward, star of SteppingStone’s Ruby!.

Also, Jon Behm reviewed an unsurprisingly fine performance by the James Sewell Ballet and Dean J. Seal wrote about a thought-provoking Church service at the Walker.


I suffered through Marisha Chamberlain’s novel The Rose Variations so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome.


Amy Rea plugs Nordeast’s mega-meaty Kramarczuk Deli, and the Bridge staff list their favorite spots for wining and dining—on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Visual Arts

Do the media have an anti-arts bias? Maybe other outlets do, but we flippin’ love ’em! Exhibit 1: My review of the new MIA/MAEP show Expanded Drawing.

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