Arts Orbit Weekly: 1/8/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, January 8
“If you ain’t seen Cadillac Records yet,” writes Dwight Hobbes, “I don’t know what you waitin’ on.” It’s still playing at the Regal Cinemas in Brooklyn Center; catch the 7:05 screening and you can still make the Radio On show at the Turf Club.

Friday, January 9
Friday night’s all right for fighting! First, Skirmish at The Loft as Dobby Gibson releases his new book of poetry. Then, after you’ve had enough of that prissy literary shit, it’s time for some cage fighting in Maplewood! (Yes, there are still some ten-person balcony couches available—$600. Ringside chairs are $50, BYO plastic tarp.)

Saturday, January 10
Tonight, get lucky on Lyndale. Either buy a pitcher of PBR at the CC Club and walk around offering refills, or attend Get Lucky at the SooVAC, a gala (well, as gala as Lyndale gets) benefit with live music, some real good art, a silent auction, and “much much more!” Whichever option you choose, you can bring your newfound hipster hottie to a dark spot in the Uptown Theatre balcony for the midnight screening of Army of Darkness, during which you can grab one another’s arms…or whatever.

Sunday, January 11
What’s the cure for Sunday-night blues? Denial! Monday morning is so much easier when you’re still drunk from the night before.

Monday, January 12
After that Xcel Substation Community Forum, you’re going to need some comfort food, some sweet music, and maybe a good Bloody Mary. All three are available at Barbette, where Supreme Privacy are holding court tonight.

Tuesday, January 13
Tonight at Augsburg, writer Charles Neerland and composer John Beal are premiering selections from their work in progress, The Ballad of the Nicollet Mall. It has the potential to be really, really, really bad. Only one way to find out!

Wednesday, January 14
“With the modest price tag of $7 (one dollar per band),” writes Jon Behm, “there is absolutely no reason why any local music lover shouldn’t be present and accounted for” at First Ave’s showcase of the best new bands of 2008. (Check the lit-drop ledge of your favorite coffee shop for $1 admission passes. There are a few left at Caffetto—where the pinball machines are back in action, huzzah!)

For more weekend picks, see the Weekend What’s What from l’etoile magazine.

Daily Planet arts roundup


Jon Behm gives you the rundown on the lineup at First Ave’s Best New Bands of 2008 showcase, coming up this Wednesday. Dwight Hobbes untangles the rich legacy of the late great R&B band One World and talks with Neil Wadhawan of the “virtually indescribable” Indian fusion trio Samosa. In the first video installment from our new media partner Northern Outpost, Max Becker presents video of an interview with, and performance by, singer/songwriter Andy Elwell.


Matt Everett’s new year’s resolution is to blog for the Daily Planet every single day, and he hasn’t broken it yet! This week he wrote about:
• His current writing project, updating Medea, “one of the most heterosexual storylines you’re gonna find,” a tale of great passions that he needs to adapt for an era of “tiny passions.”
• His other current project, a one-act play based on a really bad painting.
• The 24 Hour Play Project, which is now accepting suggestions for its “secret ingredients.”
Urban Samurai’s Halfway Home.

Whew! After all that reading, feast your eyes on Laura Stopyro’s video of Ballet of the Dolls.


Dwight Hobbes talks with Minneapolis native Frank B. Wilderson III, whose name is far from the only remarkable thing about him—his book Incognegro describes his struggles with racism and apartheid in South Africa and beyond. Also this week, I praised Dobby Gibson’s poetry collection Skirmish, the release of which he’ll be celebrating this Friday night.


Dwight Hobbes commands you to see Cadillac Records, “a kick-ass-and-take-names tour de force.” James Sanna is a little more restrained in his praise of Caravaggio, a 1986 film being screened at the Walker next month—but where else are you going to see Nigel Terry, Sean Penn, and Tilda Swinton in a steamy Renaissance love triangle?


Jeremy Iggers reviews the gastronomic highlights of 2008 and describes his “terrible” encounter with raw beef and sliced tripe from New Orient Market. (“The Laotian ladies tried to warn me,” he admits.) If you’re looking to run your own dining establishment, why not pick up a free coffee shop? Brian Moen notes that Hiawatha Joe’s is being given away on Craigslist.

Visual Arts

Jake Nassif profiles Chank Diesel, another guy with a great name—and a great job, designing fonts. Also, Ashley Siebels offers a video profile of Art Space, a non-profit real estate developer creating (relatively) affordable live/work spaces for artists.

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