Arts Orbit Radar: 9/3/09


What’s Happening This Week

Thursday, September 3

On the radar: Local fashion guru Jahna Peloquin, whose blog posts are often seen in our Arts Orbit blog, is at the W with Ignite Models and VimLab Productions to clue you in on this fall’s fashion trends. (Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that Plums Bar, St. Paul’s Bermuda Triangle of style, is on the event’s Facebook guest list.)

Under the radar: The new Lowertown Entertainment District wants to become “the new Uptown,” but it will have to contend with the Selby/Western/Grand axis that seems to be entertaining a growing number of Lake City defectors. What’s the hook? Institutions like the College of Visual Arts, which opens its fall exhibit of faculty work with a reception in its streetside gallery tonight.

Friday, September 4

On the radar: It’s bourgeois-tweaking time in Minneapolis…the question is, how much tweaking do you want? If you want a little tsk-tsking for neglect of children, go see the touring production of Mary Poppins, which has its official opening tonight at the Orpheum. If you want more of a two-by-four to the head, the Cedar is the place for you; the band Dwight Hobbes affectionately describes as “avant-garde-jazzers-cum-hip-hopping-revolution-talking Commie pinkos” are celebrating the release of their new disc.

Under the radar: A mellow little Renaissance Festival on West 7th, with lute music and Lemonheads.

<--break->Saturday, September 5

On the radar: Two City Pages darlings release new discs tonight: Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles are at the Cedar, and Mark Mallman is at First Ave. Meanwhile, down at Intermedia Arts there’s the everything-in-the-whole-wide-world festival known as Clapperclaw.

Under the radar: Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls proudly “slut it up” with back-to-back performances of their special brand of comedy erotica bluegrass.

Sunday, September 6

On the radar: In an inexplicable cosmic convergence of awesomeness, the Dakota is hosting the two premier practitioners of zydeco music in two consecutive weeks. Last week it was Buckwheat Zydeco, and tonight it’s C.J. Chenier-son of Clifton Chenier, the man who is to zydeco what Bill Monroe is to bluegrass and Courtney McClean is to comedy erotica bluegrass.

Under the radar: Never mind the Three Tenors, the Three Chinese Tenors, the Three Canadian Tenors, and the Three Mo’ Tenors…we’ve got Sopranorama. With accordion!

Monday, September 7

On the radar: Rep. Keith Ellison hosts his annual Labor Day picnic at Boom Island Park, with music, volleyball, brats (as in bratwurst, though there may be some of the other type as well), burgers, and unspecified “veggie options.”

Under the radar: If you absolutely must be pelted with candy on every national holiday, meet the East Calhoun Labor Day Parade at 35th and Irving.

Tuesday, September 8

On the radar: “I wanted to tell stories in a way that people from my neighborhood could visualize them,” Atmosphere’s Slug told the Daily Planet just as the hip-hop duo’s latest album was cracking the national top ten. “I didn’t know that people in Boise were gonna ask me about the Muddy Waters coffee shop.” Slug and Ant are at First Ave for a two-night stand starting tonight.

Under the radar: When there was a fire next to Big V’s earlier this summer, the Twitterverse blew up-as well it should have. The underrated neighbor of the overrated [ducking flying pint glasses] Turf Club is a place where anything can happen, a venue run by people who don’t need no freakin’ Web site. Tonight’s lineup includes Goat Flower and the ethereal Tropical Ambrosia Salad.

Wednesday, September 9

On the radar: Willie’s American Guitars celebrates its 20th anniversary with a Cabooze show featuring some bad-ass dudes: David Hidalgo and Louie Perez of Los Lobos, and Joe Ely of Joe Flippin’ Ely! (Also, Chris Coleman.)

Under the radar: Recently returned from Florida trailing clouds of glory, members of St. Paul’s Soapboxing poetry team join other slammers for a performance to benefit a soccer academy for girls from the slums of Kenya.

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Daily Planet Arts Roundup


Judith Niemi remembers the great Carol Bly.


My personal Coen-athon continued with the brothers’ second feature Raising Arizona and their third, the gangster pic Miller’s Crossing. I also took in the dark, bracing Tony Manero, a Chilean film having its local debut at the Walker on September 11.


Dwight Hobbes caught up with local axe journeyman Jeff “Boday” Christensen; Dwight also suggests you check out the Junkyard Empire CD release show Friday at the Cedar. My personal recommendation is a show of lutery by the magical Rick Griffith.


Matthew Everett plugs the Minnesota Shakespeare Company’s take on a playwright other than the Bard, and gives a mixed review to Red Letter Theater’s Phaedra’s Love…though not as mixed as the guy who got up and walked out for each episode of oral sex.


Amy Rea penned an ode to her favorite State Fair food, and Barb Teed visited Famous Kiwanis Malts as they prepared for the Great Get-Together.

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