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Thursday, August 12

On the radar: Just as the Weisman wraps up its yearlong exploration of the mundane, the Walker empties its own desk drawers: “An empty wooden box, a clear plastic cup, a pair of balloons, a spray of paint, a bed of moss, a single word, a moment in time.” It all adds up to A Shot in the Dark. Suspect everyone…and suspect no one.

Under the radar: You can’t see Disney’s Song of the South any more—unless you happen to own an old VHS copy, or a bootlegged DVD—but thanks to dutiful film archivist Dennis Nyback, you can see Bugs Bunny and friends at their most horrifically offensive. The Trylon will be screening vintage Warner Brothers cartoons tonight, with the racism and sexism left in. Nyback will be on hand to put it all in perspective.

Friday, August 13

On the radar: My aunt remembers going to see Prince at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in the 80s, and seeing two people in front of her having sex right there in a seat. Will Stone Temple Pilots inspire similar activity tonight? If they do, it’s going to be grungy. Really grungy.

Under the radar: The Loft plays host to the first annual Lao-American Writers Summit, a three-day event featuring workshops, panels, and a resource fair.

Saturday, August 14

On the radar: Brother Ali, Lookbook, Dessa, Red Pens, Pink Mink, Caroline Smith: that’s just a sampler of the daylong fusillade of awesomeness lined up for today’s Pizza Lucé Block Party.

Under the radar: Up north, things behind Nick & Eddie are going to get wild and woolly with a daylong Loring Alley Party featuring sets from a selection of edgy bands and DJs curated by Gayngs mastermind Ryan Olson, culminating in what’s advertised as a four-hour afterparty “hosted by” Marijuana Deathsquads. Sound mysterious? That’s just the way Olson likes it: mysterious, and loud.

Sunday, August 15

On the radar: The Poles have it today, as the Twin Cities Polish Festival coincides with the Twin Cities Polish Film Fest and, yes, a Polish 5K. Na zdrowie, indeed!

Under the radar: Today is your last day to see The Talent Show, the Walker’s parting gift from the brilliant departing curator Peter Eleey. Don’t miss it.

Monday, August 16

On the radar: When I visited the Experience Music Project in Seattle a few years ago, I was distinctly underwhelmed to be greeted with a lyrics sheet signed by all the members of Yes. Didn’t they pay people to take those? But Yes’s stock has risen in value over the past couple of years: every buzz band in Brooklyn seems to be trying to sound like them, and locally, Solid Gold and Gayngs are flying the prog flag high. Lead Yesman Jon Anderson is playing at the Guthrie tonight.

Under the radar: KFAI, voice of the West Bank (and beyond) keeps it local, sponsoring a free six-act show at the Acadia headlined by Deepsoul Deities. You may never in your life get another chance to see performers named Avi and Yoni playing back-to-back.

Tuesday, August 17

On the radar: It’s Tuesday, which means music and movies in Loring Park—and, at Honey, new music presented by DJ Ian Anderson. Loring Park has Mayda and Juno, but Honey has, Anderson hints in a tweet, Bowie and Byrne. Wherever you go, it’s going to be funky.

Under the radar: My aunt Betsy loves a guy who can blow a good harmonica. “I just think, if his lips can do that to the harmonica, just think what they could do to mine!” The harps will be squealing tonight at Famous Dave’s, which is hosting a Harmonica Blow-Off.

Wednesday, August 18

On the radar: The Bunny Clogs, Adam Levy’s family-friendly dance band, play in Mendota Heights tonight with special guest beat-boxer Carnage. Children’s music hasn’t been this cool since Little Richard’s kids’ album. (Seriously—check it out.)

Under the radar: Has the U.S. entered a state of permanent war? In his new book Washington Rules, Andrew Bacevich (The Limits of Power) argues that the goverment is planning to fight forever—against somebody, anybody. The author is at Magers & Quinn tonight to make his case, and to sound a call for the upending of the status quo.

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