Arts Orbit Radar: 6/4/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, June 4

On the radar: St. Vincent at First Ave. Ready, set, swoon!

Under the radar: Bedlam Theatre hosts four out-of-state radical theater companies—but, they hope, no cars—for their annual Lear-fest.

Friday, June 5

On the radar: Maria Isa drops it like it’s very, very hot at First Ave; Mazarati reunites for the first time in 20 years; and the SooVAC unveils new watercolors, as well as a solo show by the wonderfully weird Alex Kuno.

Under the radar: The brain-bending Fantastic Merlins work their magic in Lowertown, causing a new album to materialize.

Saturday, June 6

On the radar: It’s art fair season…and how! Today alone, you’ve got the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival and Stevens Square’s Red Hot Arts Festival. Tonight, it’s the Minneapolis MOSAIC kickoff downtown.

Under the radar: If you’re up for a little road trip to Osseo, you’ll be rewarded with the pimped-out—whoops, this is a family show—expanded version of An Inconvenient Squirrel, Joseph Scrimshaw’s Fringe favorite from last summer. Then tonight at Art of This, expand your consciousness with Mystic the Mystic.

Sunday, June 7

On the radar: For a lot of people, Grand Old Day is a must-do. For everyone else, it’s a must-to-avoid. (If you’re in the latter group, consider that this year the lineup includes Gospel Gossip.) Also, it’s a big night at the 701: the Crystal Method in the Mainroom and the promising lineup of Royal Bangs and I Need Sleep at the Entry. If you scored a ticket to the sold-out Grizzly Bear show at the Cedar, your ears are already growling in anticipation.

Under the radar: Punk poet Paul D and Laura Brandenberg will read you the Riot Act at the Turf Club, with Charlie Parr on National steel guitar. A different kind of riot is taking place at the Hennepin Center for the Arts, where Abdoulaye Camara and Mandjou Mara will be ripping loose with Guinean drumming.

Monday, June 8

On the radar: It’s been Kushner this, Kushner that all spring at the Guthrie. Now, finally, it’s Kushner himself.

Under the radar: Free rides at Como Town!

Tuesday, June 9

On the radar: Q: Who’s going to be writing songs for the next Curious George movie, now that Jack Johnson has better things to do? A: Carbon Leaf! Q: Should I go see them tonight at the Varsity? A: You’ll have to look deep within your own soul for the answer to that question.

Under the radar: It’s a summer Tuesday night, which means family fun at Caponi Art Park. Even if you have no family and/or want no fun, check it out: it’s Minnesota’s only sculpture park that is itself a sculpture.

Wednesday, June 10

On the radar: We are lucky bastards to have the Band’s Levon Helm in town, performing at the Fitz.

Under the radar: We are also fortunate to have a real genuine authentic demonstrative interpretive three-acre native prairie right here in the middle of the metro area. And boy, does that sucker ever need some tending!

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Daily Planet arts roundup


If you missed last week’s performances by Gogol Bordello and Doves, that’s a shame—but the local music scene springs eternal, and this weekend you have more great shows to catch. Friday night there’s the Maria Isa CD release show at First Ave, and the long-awaited (you may just not have known you were waiting for it) Mazarati reunion at the Cabooze. On Saturday, Minneapolis MOSAIC kicks off with performances across downtown. A band not coming to town in the near future are the Glass—but when they do, your toys are gonna get crunk.


Erik McClanahan had a long conversation with Carlos Cuarón, director of the crowd favorite Rudo y Cursi; and Jaclyn Evert reviewed William Klein’s 1970 documentary Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther.


Features this week covered the International Theater of the Oppressed Conference and multi-talented Hmong-American artists Katie Ka Vang and May Lee-Yang. We also reviewed strong productions including the Guthrie’s Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide, Urban Samurai’s Protection Program, and Chazz Palminteri in the story of Chazz Palminteri: A Bronx Tale. Finally, Matt Everett filed a two-part report (click for part one and part two) on GLBT advocate Kevin Cathcart’s talk at the Guthrie, and Jon Behm reviewed the very strange performance by Black Label Movement at the Southern Theater. Coming up this weekend: Bedlam Theatre tries to go 100% car-free for performances of King Lear, but admits that “we remain vulnerable to a driving audience.”


Jeremy Iggers took a chance on the sprawling $26.99 house special at the new Joy’s Kitchen, and he’s glad he did. Meanwhile, beloved music-and-pool venue the Dinkytowner, sadly, closed—though whether that event exactly qualifies as dining news is a matter of taste.


The Asian-American Press caught up with Noi Sengsourigna, a Laotian artist currently touring the U.S. sharing Lao culture through her writing and performance.

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