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What’s happening this week

Thursday, June 3

On the radar: We could really have used the heat a few months ago—but never mind, it’s here now as Bedlam’s annual fire show opens on the venue’s well-trod parking lot.

Under the radar: Some of the area’s top theatrical talents—including our writer Sheila Regan—take the stage as Red Eye Theater opens its New Works 4 Weeks Festival with a collection of works in progress.

Friday, June 4

On the radar: Steven Spielberg, the man responsible for the invention of the blockbuster movie as we know it, still stands as the all-time master of thrilling, escapist onscreen entertainment. What better season than summer to pay him tribute, and what better film to start with than his 1981 masterpiece Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Under the radar: The phrase “Shakespeare in the park” doesn’t really get the average theaterhound’s blood pumping, but this year’s production of Troilus & Cressida by Cromulent Shakespeare Company looks unusually promising, with a cast including Lacey Piotter (The Awakening), Alberta Mirais (Beaverdance), and Allison True (Dalí-DADA). The production premieres tonight with a performance at Lake Harriet’s Rose Gardens.

Saturday, June 5

On the radar: Minneapolis residents are diverse? Yeah, you knew that—but did you know we can sing? And dance? And whack inflatable fitness balls with drumsticks? Welcome to our MOSAIC. Not to be outdone in global exuberance, St. Paul hosts the Shangalia Youth Choir of Kenya as part of the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival. To learn more about this extraordinary group—and their Minnesota connection—read Dwight Hobbes’s interview with J.D. Steele.

Under the radar: The former home of Arise! Bookstore is reborn—at least for the summer—as Storefront-in-a-Box, a rentable space that will play host to a motley series of enterprises. Enterprise #1 is a book swap coordinated by Arise! successor Boneshaker Books. The event will feature cupcakes from Cake Ea…[stomp stomp trample stampede]

Sunday, June 6

On the radar: “St. Paul is a beautiful and quiet city,” opines the Thrifty Hipster with backhanded praise. Clearly, said Hipster has never ventured across the river on Grand Old Day, where the city’s a lot less quiet—and a little less beautiful too, unless you’re spending the day in the beer garden, in which case by 5 p.m. everyone looks absolutely stunning.

Under the radar: You never know when you and your twin brother and your faithful mutt Rusty are going to get caught up in a crime caper in which a priceless artifact will be stolen away by a scoundrel hiding in the depths of the Quaking Bog—so better get your bearings with this afternoon’s guided tour.

Monday, June 7

On the radar: Contrary to what I believed until about 90 seconds ago, Damien Jurado was not the frontman of the Mavericks. That was Raul Malo. Well, I’ve already promised I’ll review the Damien Jurado show at the Turf Club tonight, so I guess I’ll be there checking out the Seattle singer-songwriter’s folk balladry. Join me, won’t you?

Under the radar: Tish Jones brings the Minnesota Quest Youth Slam Team to the Black Dog for this month’s installment of the Lowertown Reading Jam. Expect the emphasis to be less on “reading” and more on “jam.”

Tuesday, June 8

On the radar: Falling like manna upon the ears of Minnesotans still suffering from the cancellation of last winter’s scheduled Dan Auerbach show are not one but two nights of hard-rocking goodness from the Black Keys, commencing tonight.

Under the radar: “Ace singer-songwriter Barbara Meyer doesn’t do a lot of playing out,” notes Dwight Hobbes, so best not miss your chance to catch this blueslady, “one of those dynamite-every-time-out performers who give a hundred ten percent,” tonight at Minnehaha Park—for free, no less!

Wednesday, June 9

On the radar: Sebastian Junger’s 1997 book The Perfect Storm was so successful, it helped propel its title into national catchphrase status. Unfortunately, the title of the new book by Junger (who’s reading at MPR’s UBS Forum tonight) is already heard all too often: War.

Under the radar: I first encountered Matt Pond PA via their haunting, wistful cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” (a.k.a. the National Lampoon’s Vacation song), turning the retrobilly original inside out. The band’s original material isn’t as strong, but with a 12-year discography to draw on, they’re sure to play a compelling set tonight at the Entry.

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