Arts Orbit Radar 6/30/11


What’s happening this week

On the radar

Hey, did anyone notice that there are no rock dinosaurs slated to play in St. Paul this weekend? No? Me either. But even without the Taste of Minnesota, there will be fireworks in St. Paul and Minneapolis—and the Ten Second Film Festival will happen per usual behind the Soap Factory. That afternoon, I’ll be among the C-list celebrity judges (apparently the Jersey Shore cast and Jason DeRusha had other things to do) for the second annual Diamond Dog Eating Contest at First Avenue’s Depot Tavern.

There are, however, some rock dinosaurs coming to Apple Valley: the Monkees, who are gearing up to celebrate 50 years of playing their own instruments. Also playing his own instrument: Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, who brings his ukulele (srsly) to the Orpheum. Then there’s Britney, who despite bringing Nicki Minaj as support still had to issue a Groupon for tickets to her show at the Xcel Energy Center. At this point, no one really cares whether or not Britney plays her own instrument or even really sings. The question is: will she look fat?

And playing for two midnights at the Uptown Theatre: yet another movie that having not seen proves what a failed sci-fi geek I am.

Under the radar

The Twin Cities Daily Planet calls the Infiammati Fire Show “the summer spectacle to end all spectacles,” and who are we to doubt ourselves?

Best band-name single-show lineup of the week: Missile Dick, the Curiously Strong Peppermints, Superfluous Glowshoes, and Wizard Baby. Tuesday night at Cause. Tuesday is also National Go Braless Day, which I’m not quite sure will succeed in its stated goal of raising breast cancer awareness. If you really want to raise awareness, you might as well wait for August’s National Go Topless Day, which aims to bring attention to toplessness. (I am not making this up.)

Daily Planet arts roundup


A risk worth taking: Lowertown’s Play by Play Theatre Bookstore and Opening Night Gifts to close (feature by Sheila Regan)


Summer in the city: Music and movies in Minneapolis parks (photos and report by Cynthia Frost)


A native Israeli playing salsa music in Minnesota: Shai Hayo from Salsa del Sol gets ready for the Twin Cities Jazz Fest (interview by Sheila Regan)
Gene Ween digs deep and delights fans at the Triple Rock and the Turf Club (review by Bobby Kahn, photo by Robin Mahle)


Park Square’s Panic is a fun mystery that should learn to quit while it’s ahead (review by Matthew A. Everett)
Workhouse Theatre’s Torch Song Trilogy: A bawdy, hilarious, romantic little epic of a play (review by Matthew A. Everett)
H.M.S. Pinafore at the Guthrie Theater: For better or worse, Gilbert and Sullivan go electric (review by Jay Gabler)

Visual Arts

On not taking art for granted (blog post by Sheila Regan)


Heeding La Sirena’s call (feature by Courtney Algeo)
An open road to Surly’s “destination brewery” (feature by Lydia Schwartz)
Homi Mexican Restaurant: “Everyday food for everyday people” (feature by Jeanette Fordyce)
SugaRush Donuts: A family affair in St. Paul (feature by Jeanette Fordyce)
• St. Paul’s Hmong Village…not your ordinary market! (feature by Phyllis Louise Harris)

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