Arts Orbit Radar 6/24/10


What’s happening this week

Thursday, June 24

On the radar: Bedlam Theatre is always a venue welcoming to performers and audience members along the entire sexuality spectrum, but for Pride weekend it turns into outright Queertopia. On the more intellectual side of things, the U is hosting a talk on “Queer Femininities in the Age of Lady Gaga” presented by a noted scholar whose name is Judith Halberstam—but her friends call her Jack.

Under the radar: Tamara Ober is best known to dance fans as a longtime member of Zenon Dance Company, but she also presents innovative solo work. Her piece PIPA, which began as a work-in-progress presented at the Red Eye Theater in last year’s New Works 4 Weeks series and subsequently toured to fringe festivals across the country, opens tonight at the Red Eye as the final act of this year’s new work series. As a bonus, the piece will be presented with a new solo for and duet with Zenon’s Leslie O’Neill.

Friday, June 25

On the radar: Pride weekend roars into life with the Uptown Pride Block Party and—are you ready for this?—a foam party at the Gay 90’s. Sometimes you go to Ibiza, and sometimes it comes to you.

Under the radar: Unless you want to get it smashed over your head, don’t bring your Kindle anywhere near the Twin Cities Book Fair.

Saturday, June 26

On the radar: With Pride Week activities busting out all over, the only way Twin Cities gay men could be any happier would be if Kathy Griffin were coming to…oh wait!

Under the radar: Here, queer, proud…and still mad as hell! Self-proclaimed dykes lead their annual Pride Parade alternative march up Hennepin today, while transgender activists lead their own annual alternative march (“rimming corporate Pride since 2007”) in Stevens Square.

Sunday, June 27

On the radar: The Pride Parade, the largest annual parade in the city of Minneapolis, paints a rainbow down Hennepin Avenue.

Under the radar: Typically good music and unusually good food and drink fill all three rooms at First Ave for the culinary equivalent of Voltage: Gastro Non Grata.

Monday, June 28

On the radar: These event picks are divided into “on the radar” and “under the radar,” but let’s be frank—for a really significant proportion of Twin Cities residents, everything I’ve ever recommended is “under the radar” compared to the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Tonight at the Big Mall, hosts an advance screening of the latest guaranteed megahit in the Twilight series. (And yes, Vampire Weekend are on the soundtrack.)

Under the radar: The PR might be pushing it a bit to call the trio “a meeting of musical minds that rivals any supergroup in jazz history,” but there’s sure to be some pretty mind-blowing playing tonight at the Guthrie as Béla Fleck, Zakir Hussain, and Edgar Meyer take the McGuire Proscenium Stage.

Tuesday, June 29

On the radar: 2010’s preeminent teen idol has become so bizarrely omnipresent on Twitter—becoming a trending topic under his own name (Justin Bieber), under twists on his name (Bustin Jieber), under hashtags featuring his name (#justinbieber), and even under hashtags invented in response to changes in Twitter’s algorithms that temporarily bumped him from the trending-topic list (#letbiebertrend)—that it’s almost hard to believe he’s an actual human being. He seems to be, but you can find out for sure tonight at Target Center.

Under the radar: In a true gift to players of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, 1997’s sci-fi epic The Fifth Element convened Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich, Chris Tucker, Tricky, and—wait for it—Luke Perry. You kind of need to see it, and there’s no less painful way than tonight at Jägercon.

Wednesday, June 30

On the radar: There really aren’t many situations in life that say win any more clearly than Buckwheat Zydeco outdoors on a summer evening. The bayou legend is at the Minnesota Zoo tonight on a bill with the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.

Under the radar: The exhibit 40×5, which opens today at Intermedia Arts, culminates a three-year photography project documenting the Twin Cities’ diverse neighborhoods.

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Visual Arts

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Food and Dining

Rescued by Jacques and Julia (blog entry by Jackie Alfonso)
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