Arts Orbit Radar: 6/18/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, June 18

On the radar: It’s a one night, multivenue Acts Who Have Sold a Trillion Records But Who You Absolutely Do Not Need To See Live Music Festival! The Lemonheads at the Triple Rock, Soulja Boy at Epic, and Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood at the X…how will you decide who not to see first? Once you’ve got it figured out, you can go check out the Photoshop surrealism on display at the Burnet Gallery.

Under the radar: The Salsabrosa Trio are playing before a screening of Los Tres Huastecos in St. Paul’s Parque Castillo. Not to be out-multicultured, Burnsville is hosting an art show called Cultural Perspectives.

Friday, June 19

On the radar:Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars got together in a refugee camp in Guinea. Despite the losses of war (including an arm and a hand), nothing keeps these musicians down and their music just keeps on coming, with a beat that gets audiences moving.” –Mary Turck

Under the radar: It’s sommartime and the livin’ is easy at the American Swedish Institute, which is hosting an outdoor concert with five local Scandinavian music groups. Where did they find them?

Saturday, June 20

On the radar: Two of the Cities’ summer music juggernauts smash up against one another, with the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts kicking off at 10 a.m. and Rock the Garden at 3 p.m.

Under the radar: Evocative images of the Somali diaspora go on display at the Weisman; and the Northside’s Capri Theater reopens, snazzier than ever.

Sunday, June 21

On the radar: With classic rave-ups like “He Whipped My Ass in Tennis (Then I F****d His Ass in Bed),” Pansy Division have come to define the queercore sound. Back with new music after a half-decade hiatus, they’re at the Triple Rock tonight for less than the price of a six-pack of microbrew.

Under the radar: A young man carrying a big basket that contains his conjoined twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.

Monday, June 22

On the radar: Moth! Fight! climb Bear Claw Mountain. What a zoo.

Under the radar: The Minneapolis Police Band are playing in Plymouth. (Yes, that’s the actual Minneapolis Police Band, not a punk outfit called “the Minneapolis Police Band.”)

Tuesday, June 23

On the radar: Though Exene Cervenka has recently announced that she’s battling multiple sclerosis, X the band are carrying on in true rock ‘n’ roll style. They’re at the Cabooze tonight on their “Total Request Live” tour, creating setlists by popular vote.

Under the radar: Those of you who found the Ten-Minute Plays at Bedlam long and tedious may enjoy the Rockstar Storytellers’ Evening of Miniaturization at the BLB, where the stories will be Twitter-tiny.

Wednesday, June 24

On the radar: In a competition with Jack White for the most muscial configurations fronted in a single decade, Conor Oberst comes to First Ave with the Mystic Valley Band. In a competition with no one for old-school cred, all three original members of the Sugar Hill Gang are at the Fine Line.

Under the radar: If memory serves from my Frogtown high school days, St. Paul residents need no tutelage in chicken-keeping. Minneapolis? That’s another story.

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Daily Planet arts roundup


Hip-hop heads’ fight against homophobia rages on, reports Justin Schell. Also this week, Dwight Hobbes reviews the tasty new album by Kenn Wanaku’s African music group SUNplug’d.


Departures isn’t the best among the foreign film nominees for this year’s Academy Awards, writes Erik McClanahan—but still, it’s not bad. Also, Mary Jane LaVigne remembers visiting Fort Snelling in the turbulent 60s and reflects on the fact the documentary Peace Soldiers reminds us of: the number of wars worldwide has, fortunately, been dropping.


Everyone’s got issues in A Chorus Line, now playing at the Orpheum; whether or not you want to see the show may depend on how much patience you have.


Jeremy Iggers is pleasantly surprised by the delicious—and cheap—grilled tomato pesto and mozzarella panini at LynLake’s Risotto. Also, he reports, Filipino food is coming to Cedar-Riverside.

Visual Arts
Ready, aim, ice! I caught Chris Larson’s Deep North at the Burnet Gallery just before the show closed.


Now Oprah doesn’t have to feel old: St. Paul’s Froula Reading Circle, a book club for women, just celebrated its first three-digit anniversary.

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