Arts Orbit Radar: 6/11/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, June 11

On the radar: A new Justin Jones joint at the Southern: the SCREEN/the THING.

Under the radar: Rose McGee, a storyteller and and poet and playwright and educator and actress and founder of the Head Scarf Society and owner of Deep Roots Gourmet Desserts, opens a new production of her play Kumbayah…The Juneteenth Story.

Friday, June 12

On the radar: It’s the opening day of Titanic, the largest exhibit ever mounted at the Science Museum. (Don’t sweat it if you have other plans…it will be there until January.) Tonight at the Turf Club, Big Trouble and Aby Wolf headline the HowWasTheShow Seventh Anniversary Party. Congrats to HWTS, one of our media partners!

Under the radar: Casual Friday doesn’t get any more casual than at Bedlam Theatre, where the Four Humors theater company is presenting improv comedy tonight.

Saturday, June 13

On the radar: Metric’s Emily Haines says she’s surprised at being turned into “some kind of female commodity”…but she’s “totally game” for it nonetheless. Help her out by buying a ticket to Metric’s show tonight at First Ave.

Under the radar: American minimalism in the Adams/Glass mold has long evoked images of highways and trains; the Orange Mighty Trio make the analogy explicit with their superb new disc Infrastructure. They’ll be celebrating the album’s release with a performance tonight at the Cedar. Also, North Minneapolis is hosting its annual Spring Art Party.

Sunday, June 14

On the radar: Happy Juneteenth! The celebration of African-American heritage kicks off today in Theodore Wirth Park. Meanwhile, top local print artists including Aesthetic Apparatus, Adam Turman, Amy Jo, and Bulesque of North America will be at Magers & Quinn to sell their wares at a release party for the book Gig Posters Volume I. Further up Hennepin, it’s the last day to see the Elizabeth Peyton show at the Walker.

Under the radar: Off-Leash Area’s Ivan the Drunk and His Terrible Tale of Woe, now playing at Open Eye Figure Theatre, is, says Matt Everett, “spectacular—in the old-school theatrical sense of the word spectacle.”

Monday, June 15

On the radar: Michael Douglas! Bob Geldof! Desmond Tutu! HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal! And…that’s right, folks, the one and only Hans Blix! The star-studded agitdoc Soldiers of Peace has its local premiere tonight at the Heights.

Under the radar: New Primitives crawl, blinking, out of Nye’s Polonaise Room and into the bright noontime light on Northrop Plaza. Their show is probably just as great when you’re sober.

Tuesday, June 16

On the radar: A much-praised new production of the classic musical A Chorus Line opens at the Orpheum.

Under the radar: Did you know Minnesota has its own Bloomsday Society? The group, dedicated to honoring the anniversary of the date on which the events of James Joyce’s Ulysses take place, is feting the late author with a real swanky do at the University Club. Among those on hand will be MNHS librarian Pat Coleman, perhaps the only person in the Upper Midwest to have read Ulysses two times through.

Wednesday, June 17

On the radar: Quick, what’s the most famous cabaret in history? If you didn’t say the Moulin Rouge, either you’re wrong or the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is. They’re paying tribute to said cabaret with a show opening today at Northrop Auditorium.

Under the radar: Road trip! You culture vultures—okay, we culture vultures—usually just zoom through Lindstrom en route to Franconia Sculpture Park, but tonight’s a good night to stop and smell the Nembutal.

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Daily Planet arts roundup


This week we covered music past, present, and future. In the past department, there’s Sean McPerson’s reminisce about the best things that have ever happened at Grand Old Day and Dwight Hobbes’s interview with Chris Bates of Framework—a jazz trio who have taken over a decade to get around to recording an album. In the present department, we published previews and reviews of local shows by Jenny Lewis; St. Vincent; Maria Isa; acts featured on Southside Soul Volume II; Grizzly Bear; and the Crystal Method. Finally, in the future department, there was good news about a new weekly gig for Wenso Ashby and a very interesting publicity photo for national up-and-comers the Fire and Reason.


Jim Brunzell sent the scoop from the Seattle International Film Festival—including a helpful heads-up on a few standout movies that are coming to the Twin Cities this summer.


The big theater event this week was Tony Kushner’s public conversation with Joe Dowling and an audience at the Guthrie; we published a report on that remarkable event, but we were also there to catch the multi-Lear madness at Bedlam Theatre and Joseph Scrimshaw’s revival of his Inconvenient Squirrel in, of all places, an Osseo strip mall. Meanwhile, Matt Everett plugged a few of his local favorites and raved about Off-Leash Area’s Ivan the Drunk; and Jodi Glaser, major gifts officer at the Children’s Theatre Company, fielded a few questions on fundraising in a recession.


Jeremy Iggers was on the beat at Azia, which has cut some of its prices significantly to acknowledge diners’ shallower pockets; and drops a hint about the shrimp truck, Fabian Seafood’s occasional conveyer of fresh deliciousness straight from Galveston.

Visual Arts

You didn’t think there was an art angle on the Central Corridor, but now you know better: Seitu Jones will be designing public art for the Lexington, Dale, and Rice LRT stations.

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