Arts Orbit Radar 4/7/11


What’s happening this week

Thursday, April 7

On the radar: Maybe the best thing to come out of the Walker Art Center’s crowded and unilluminating Sol LeWitt exhibit is that it helped inspire this 30th anniversary restaging of Lucinda Child’s classic modern dance piece entitled—wait for it—Dance. It was created in collaboration with LeWitt and composer Philip Glass, who’s not unlikely to make an appearance at tonight’s performance.

Under the radar: Coolio was a flash in the pan as a rapper, so it’s only appropriate that his late-career renaissance involves his authoring of a cookbook. At $12—only a couple bucks more than you’d pay to see Bight Club at the Varsity—Coolio’s show tonight at The Lounge is a bargain.

Friday, April 8

On the radar: If ultracreative mother-daughter duo Heidi Arneson and Alberta Mirais were ever to go off their rockers and move into a decaying mansion together, they could be the subject of a documentary so fascinating and entertaining it would make Grey Gardens look like a PBS special on John Milton. Fortunately, though, they’re not off their rockers, and instead of us making shows about them, they make shows for us.

Under the radar: If you’ve been looking for a thin excuse to go to Pickle Park and gawk at G.B. Leighton’s giant guitar, why not make it tonight? The cover band Ladies of the 80s are playing music by the greats who influenced Beth Ditto, Maja Ivarsson, and other brassy babes of the 10s.

Saturday, April 9

On the radar: The Boston Phoenix refers to Cut Copy as an “Australian electro-pop/whatever outfit.” Let’s make “whateverwave” a buzzword, kthxbye.

Under the radar: In association with its exhibit The Spectacular of Vernacular, the Walker Art Center spotlights local creatives of the, er, vernacular variety (think fiddles and seed art) in a daylong celebration of everything “MN Made.”

Sunday, April 10

On the radar: If you’re familiar with the quintessential waltz “The Blue Danube”—remember how they played it ten years ago when we sent a manned mission to Jupiter?—you know the elegance and genius of composer Johann Strauss. His great opera Die Fledermaus (“The Bat”) is being presented by the University of Minnesota School of Music.

Under the radar: Greta Oglesby’s performance in Caroline, or Change was so powerful that the audience at the 2009 Ivey Awards gave her a standing ovation before she even opened her mouth. She’s at the Capri Theater this afternoon for a rare solo set.

Monday, April 11

On the radar: How much are healing, transformation, and higher consciousness worth to you? How about if they come straight from Deepak Chopra himself? Can we say…$500?

Under the radar: Native poet Marcie Rendon curates a special Lowertown Reading Jam with presentations by three Anishinabe/Lakota poets living in Minnesota.

Tuesday, April 12

On the radar: Now 62, Robert Plant has enjoyed one of the more interesting, eccentric, and—not coincidentally—acclaimed later-life careers in his generation of classic rockers, reinventing himself both alone and in collaboration with his Led Zeppelin bandmates. He’s at the State Theatre tonight with his Band of Joy and the North Mississippi All-Stars.

Under the radar: “A while back a friend of mine burned a few of their older tracks on a CD for me,” writes Arizona music critic, concert promoter, thrift-store proprietor, and all-around relevant Internet celebrity Allie Teilz, “and I just assumed they were some 90s band who thrived then were crushed under the sandals of the Baha Men, resurfacing after a Coachella set kissed with nostalgia.” She assures you that you will be “tickled pink” by the still-thriving Destroyer “unless you are some douche who only listens to music if it has the Fergie stamp of approDIRTYBITval.”

Wednesday, April 13

On the radar: How could this show‘s promoters have ever thought that the Cedar Cultural Center could contain the Twin Cities’ passion for pubescent boys? The double-boy bill is now at First Avenue’s Mainroom.

Under the radar: Walter Mosley may not be the hardest-working author in literature, but not many authors who are so prolific—and available to the public—win such critical raves. The Devil in a Blue Dress author will be in Woodbury today reading from his newest whodunit, When the Thrill is Gone.

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