Arts Orbit Radar 4/15/10


What’s happening this week

Thursday, April 15

On the radar: Local movie lovers’ calendars climax with the opening of the annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival.

Under the radar: Gothic chamber-pop ensemble Dark Dark Dark take the stage at the Cedar—with a choir, no less—to release their rich (and only partially ironically named) new EP Bright Bright Bright.

Friday, April 16

On the radar: We’re unlikely to see David Bowie and the Arcade Fire to take the stage together at First Ave, as they did at New York’s Fashion Rocks in 2005, but tonight’s fantastic lineup of bands and designers at Voltage: Fashion Amplified is just about the next best thing.

Under the radar: Maren Ward. Aditi Kapil. Christopher Kehoe. John Bueche. Kait Sergenian. Alberta Mirais. Ben Egerman. Jon Mac Cole. Tom Lloyd. Jason Ballweber. George McConnell. Any one of those names ought to be reason enough to check out Bedlam’s 20 10 Fest—which gives you all of them, plus many more.

Saturday, April 17

On the radar: Now, Now Every Children headline a First Ave lineup that also includes Big Quarters, the Melismatics, Far From Falling, No Bird Sing, and others—all playing for a good cause.

Under the radar: If I had an accountant, she’d surely advise me to steer clear of the Walker this afternoon. I may spend so much that I’ll be living in a barrel for the rest of the summer, but at least I’ll be wearing some insanely awesome t-shirts.

Sunday,  April 18

On the radar: Gabriel Iglesias, who’s at the State Theatre tonight, is billed as a comedian who has the ability to “bring all his personal issues to life.” That’s exactly the opposite of what most of us would like to do with our personal issues—but I guess that’s why he’s the one on stage and we’re the ones in the audience.

Under the radar: Tonight is the third and final night of a variety show at Patrick’s Cabaret that’s styled “Somewhat Sci-Fi.” Of course, these days that pretty much describes the world.

Monday, April 19

On the radar: The new Cattywompus series at the Red Stag comprises monthly events dedicated to live music and video premieres. Tonight’s attraction is Hey Bear, an animated short about a cute little bear who has to find creative ways of raising money when his smack addiction bankrupts him.

Under the radar: Okay, so this guy’s bike is in the shop, so he asks his dad for a ride to Elsie’s for tonight’s Beer Basics event. His dad drops him off and heads over to the Red Stag to watch some seriously disturbing animation. The guy walks into Elsie’s, and the beer expert exclaims, “Why did you pay $35? I would have taught you all about beer for free, my son!” Presuming that kid is actually the beer expert’s son and that the beer expert isn’t like a monk or a priest or one of those people who just goes around calling people “my son,” how is this possible? Psych! Because the beer expert is a woman, and her name is Molly Auron.

Tuesday, April 20

On the radar: While’s Scott Stulen plays DJ, Brooklyn artist Oliver Herring will hold the first of his “TASK parties” to take place in Minnesota. What’s a TASK party? “A complex, ever-shifting, socio-sculptural arrangement of bodies and objects.” And what does that mean? It means you pick a piece of paper out of a bucket and do what it says, then write a directive of your own imagining on another slip of paper and drop it in the bucket.

Under the radar: They’re not a “performance art collective,” they’re a “performance gang.” They’re not “writers,” they’re “fancy scribblers.” They’re not gay, they’re “queertastic.” They’re also “trans-psychic,” “shape-shifters,” and “Power-Point-loving.” They’re Sister Spit, and they’re in town. Are they performing at Bedlam? Is there an afterparty with DJ Shannon Blowtorch? These are silly questions.

Wednesday, April 21

On the radar: Blacklist Vintage, one of Minneapolis’s favorite depots for retro cool, opens its new 26th Avenue location with—what else?—a fashion show.

Under the radar: Some of the top teachers and performers in African drum and dance are in Hopkins for the annual Fakoly Dance and Drum Project, a five-day marathon of classes and performances that kicks off today.

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