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What’s happening this week

Thursday, April 14

On the radar: The 2011 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival begins today, and the Daily Planet will be hosting pages for each film being screened. Visit our site to see user reviews and to share your own.

Under the radar: “Designed to engage music novices and aficionados alike, the festival will shine a celebratory spotlight on the role of bowed-string instruments as a focal point and compositional centerpiece within modern popular, indie/alternative, new music, and classical ensembles.” That’s a lot to wrap your head around, but the String Theory Music Festival is yet another reason why the Twin Cities are such great places to live.

Friday, April 15

On the radar: As if significant international film and music festivals weren’t enough, it’s also MNfashion Week—which climaxes today with Voltage: Fashion Amplified at First Avenue.

Under the radar: You know what I love about the American Swedish Institute? If you’re going to be an American Swedish insitutute, you’d better just own that brand.

Saturday, April 16

On the radar: It’s Record Store Day, with specials and events at record/CD/tape stores across the Twin Towns. Of special note: stop by the Electric Fetus for a free copy of Radio K’s swank new Stuck on AM mixtape—which, in this case, is literally a tape.

Under the radar: The Minnesota Opera presents Wuthering Heights, the only opera by legendary film composer Bernard Herrmann.

Sunday, April 17

On the radar: The Civil War started 150 years ago. Is that why the Civil Wars have two consecutive sold-out shows in the Twin Cities, including an unusual matinee show today at the Varsity? Maybe…or maybe it’s because they have an album that hit #1 on the iTunes album sales chart. Or maybe it’s because John Paul White is a real hairy dude, and that’s what sells in 2k11.

Under the radar: Normally I wouldn’t put an $80 State Theatre gig by a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “under the radar” vis-a-vis a show at the Varsity, but revered guitarist Jeff Beck has made a long career out of being under the radar vis-a-vis Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Roger Waters, Stevie Wonder, and other gods of music. You may regret it if you miss this chance to see one of the greatest second fiddles in popular music.

Monday, April 18

On the radar: It’s not often a show gets bumped up from the Entry to First Avenue’s Mainroom—but the dudos want their Budos.

Under the radar: Looking for Royal Bangs? You’ll find them tonight at the Triple Rock or, if Canadian barmaids are credible witnesses, every now and again at the Cowboy Club.

Tuesday, April 19

On the radar: According to the Dakota Jazz Club, trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, who plays there tonight, is “the standard bearer for Latin music.” Oh yeah?

Ricky Martin

Under the radar: Tonight in the Two Chairs Telling series of conversations at Open Eye Theatre, venerable musician Spider John Koerner and writer Amy Pettinella share the stage.

Wednesday, April 20

On the radar:Rusko‘s married?! Google should really redirect searches for ‘Rusko girlfriend’ so people aren’t confused.”

Under the radar: Tonight at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Film Festival, a program of shorts includes a film made by Daily Planet contributor Jaclyn Evert, who died in January of this year.

Daily Planet arts roundup


Women’s Prison Book Project (blog entry by Jennifer Larson)

Design and Style

University of Minnesota fashion design senior spotlight: Heather King (photos by Jay Gabler)
University of Minnesota fashion design senior spotlight: Leslie Randall (photos by Jay Gabler)
University of Minnesota fashion design senior spotlight: Autumn Kirchman (photos by Jay Gabler)

Hanna: Big girls don’t die (review by Jay Gabler)
Your Highness gets low with swords and sorcery (review by Jay Gabler)
New Faces of Minnesota (feature by Andrea Parrott)
MJ Kroll burns barns at the Fine Line (review by Dwight Hobbes)
Tiësto plays hard at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium (review by Jay Gabler, photos by Mandy Dwyer)
Who in the world is Bernard Herrmann? (feature by Penny Galinson and Barbara Camm)
Moon Duo howl at the Turf Club (review by Alex Gaterud)
J. Mascis and Kurt Vile shred it up at the Entry (review by Kyle Matteson, photos by Jeff Rutherford)
Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears drip sweetness at the Cedar Cultural Center (review by Kyle Matteson, photos by Meredith Westin)
Wye Oak grow roots, finally, in the Twin Cities (review by Alex Gaterud)
Toro Y Moi and Braids bring the family to the 7th Street Entry (review by Sarah Heuer, photos by Jay Gabler)
Philip Glass plays a once-in-a-lifetime solo show at the Dakota Jazz Club (review by Jay Gabler)
Dom at the 7th Street Entry: So sexy (review by Alex Gaterud)
The Joy Formidable leave a sell-out crowd at the 7th Street Entry gasping for air (review by Kyle Matteson, photos by Valerie Gallagher)
What else is gonna go right? (blog entry by Dwight Hobbes)
Osmo Vänskä weighs in on the greatest conductors of all time (blog entry by Jay Gabler)
Cut Copy at First Avenue: 2011’s show to beat (review by Bobby Kahn, photos by Jay Gabler)

Theater and Dance

Theatre in the Round’s Hamlet is one for the ages (review by Matthew A. Everett)
Gremlin Theatre copes with LRT construction (feature by Sheila Regan)
NT Live brings Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein to life at the Guthrie Theater (review by Jay Gabler)
Lamb Lays With Lion spit Feminine Venom at Nick and Eddie (review by Jay Gabler)
Lucinda Childs flashes back with Dance at the Walker Art Center (review by Jay Gabler)
To Kill a Mockingbird: Park Square Theatre preaches the gospel of civil rights (review by Jean Gabler)
MayDay 2011 workshops forward-backwards! (blog entry by Alan Wilfahrt)
At Park Square, Naked Darrow gets inside the legendary lawyer (feature by Dwight Hobbes)

Food and Dining

Shakers vs. Prairie vs. UV vs. the world: Is Minnesota still winning the vodka wars? (feature and photos by Stephanie Fox)
Parrotting Pappy’s (blog entry by Jeff Skrenes)
Part-time job wreaks havoc with Bruce’s menu planning (blog entry by Lu Lippold)
Spring pie (blog entry by Mirra Fine)


Minnesota Twins home opener at Target Field: Bright as the sunshine (feature by Barb Teed, photos by Jeff Rutherford)
Fault tolerance (blog entry by Erik Hare)
Spring break in Europe (blog entry by Steve Date)
2nd Annual Storytelling/Silent Auction/Feast (feature by Jim Northrup)
Brussels—waffles, chocolate, frites, beer, cartoons, architecture, and a ubiquitous urinating boy (blog entry by Steve Date)
To dye or not to dye (blog entry by Melanie Danke)
Studio Bricolage’s tinkers, geeks, and gearheads look for new home in closed Whitaker Buick building (feature by Deb Pleasants)
Colin Farrell and I disagree about Bruges (blog entry by Steve Date)
Armageddon? Been there, done that (blog entry by Erik Hare)

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