Arts Orbit Radar 3/18/10


What’s happening this week

Thursday, March 18

On the radar: Reviewing the Big Pink’s November appearance at the Entry, Jon Behm wrote that “the show almost seemed to be a rehearsal for the larger venues that are sure to come soon in the group’s promising future.” Sure enough, the Britrock sensations are back already—and this time, they’re in the Mainroom.

Under the radar: “Just swore aloud to when I realized I would be at SXSW while the Spalding Gray-inspired ‘Stories Left To Tell’ is at @walkerartcenter,” tweets Carl Atiya Swanson. That is indeed a bummer for Carl, but the performance is a nice booby prize for those of us who can’t make it to Austin. (Watch for Carl’s reports from SXSW in the Daily Planet.) Tonight’s show also marks what is almost certainly the one and only chance you’ll have in your lifetime to see Louie Anderson perform at the Walker.

Friday, March 19

On the radar: Soul Coughing’s Mike Doughty is at the Dakota? Stick a fork in the 90s’ ass—they’re done.

Under the radar: Spring is traditionally the season for new work in theater, and in that department, the restless artists at Open Eye Figure Theatre are not prone to disappoint. They kick off a two-week series of avant-garde puppetry—which is what they do best—tonight with a bill showcasing new work by Kyle Loven and Erik Van Wyk.

Saturday, March 20

On the radar: “Wild Wild Midwest: A Roll in the Hay with the North Star Roller Girls.” If this rolle-skate showdown is even nearly as fun as its name, it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Halftime entertainment will be provided by yodeling cowboy band Rope Trick, a show to make you forget all about that embarrassing Super Bowl performance by…Who?

Under the radar: Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream, the hip-hop supergroup featuring Eyedea, Kristoff Krane, Impulse, and Mr. Dufaux, headlines a bill at the Fine Line that also features disc-release sets by Luke Redfield and by Aria Souder, a chanteuse who knows how to keep The Beat.

Sunday, March 21

On the radar: In my Mike Doughty write-up I declared the 90s “done”…but apparently they’re not, because today is one big 90s hogpile. Alice in Chains are at Roy Wilkins, the Cowboy Junkies are at the Dakota, and holding court at the cathedral of the 90s—the Mall of America—is none other than Jesse Ventura, elected governor in the halcyon year of 1998. He’s presenting his new book, the title of which (American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us) is just a bit reminiscent of a related book published by another prominent Minnesotan entertainer-turned-politician.

Under the radar: The Indian Music Society of Minnesota sponsors a series of performances by top-notch artists working in the classical tradition that’s inspired the Beatles, Philip Glass, and many others. At St. Kate’s today: vocalist Kunnakudi M. Balamurali Krishna, with accompaniment by S.D. Sridharan and Tanjore K. Murugaboopathi.

Monday, March 22

On the radar: What do the Black Eyed Peas and Vampire Weekend have in common? They’ve both achieved huge success with patently irresistible music, and they’ve also both attracted more than their share of haters who find them completely obnoxious and overexposed. Love ’em or hate ’em, both acts are in town tonight.

Under the radar: There are so many local indie-culture luminaries involved with tonight’s event at the Red Stag that it could be titled “The GAYNGS of Northeast.” Zoo Animal and To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie will be headlining a bill that will include the debut of a video (directed by Jeremey Catterton) of a song performed by ZA and remixed by TKAPB. With Lookbook’s Grant Cutler among the DJs taking the tables between sets. Whew!

Tuesday, March 23

On the radar: Arturo flippin’ Sandoval. ‘Nuff said.

Under the radar: With Ancient Traders Gallery closed, All My Relations Arts is looking for a new space—ideally on Franklin Avenue, in the heart of the Native community whose work it represents. The organization may have found a suitable space, which it may or may not be able to afford; this morning it’s holding a “Friend Raiser” to discuss the options and drum up a little cash.

Wednesday, March 24

On the radar: “There’s nothing like standing in front of an audience,” says Sara Quin, “and having them sing along when you know they’re not singing for you, they’re singing for themselves.” Tonight at the Orpheum, you can sing for Tegan and Sara, sing for yourself, or just listen. They’re cool with anything, as long as you keep your bra on.

Under the radar: (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Be Ugly!) Tonight at the Trylon, Trash Film Debauchery presents Accion Mutante.

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Daily Planet arts roundup


I reviewed a new book about performance artist Marina Abramović. It’s about two major European exhibits of performance art—but you kind of had to be there.


Wrapping up a whirlwind week in Hollywood, Barb Teed tells the story of what it was like to be backstage at the Academy Awards. Also wrapping up is production of The Convincer, a feature film that’s been shooting in the Twin Cities with stars Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin. Now playing at the Lagoon are the hilarious A Town Called Panic (Jim Brunzell reviews) and the gripping A Prophet (Jim talks with the filmmakers). As the Walker’s Women With Vision film fest continues, Lydia Howell runs through the festival’s many notable entries by Minnesota filmmakers.


I talked with Sara Quin about the upcoming Tegan and Sara show at the Orpheum, and Dwight Hobbes found himself pleasantly surprised at a Dark Star Orchestra show. Meanwhile, in Austin, our SXSW coverage kicked off with a dispatch from writer Carl Atiya Swanson and photographer Stacy Schwartz.


Lots of reviews this week! Ranging from most to least enthusiastic:
• Becca Mitchell on Four Humors’ Welcome to Dystopia: “Get yourself to the Bedlam-a-torum, stat!”
• Doris Rubenstein on the History Theatre’s Hiding in the Open: “It is worth seeing again and again.”
• Me on Steppenwolf’s August: Osage County: “Fantastically entertaining.”
• Sheila Regan on Mixed Precipitation’s MPLS Autoletic: “Wonderfully over-the-top.”
• Matthew Everett on Theatre Pro Rata’s Spanish Tragedy: “Very highly recommended.”
• My mamma: “I would recommend Mamma Mia! to everyone.”
• Sheila on The Vaudevillian: “A quaint night of fun.”
• Sheila on Nimbus’s Strike-Slip: “The script…relies too heavily on coincidences and has little to say.”
• Bev Wolfe on Park Square’s Painting Churches: “Better suited to be studied than performed on a stage.”

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