Arts Orbit Radar 2/17/11


What’s happening this week

Thursday, February 17

On the radar: Recess, the multimedia dance night, returns for the third month to the Varsity Theater. Yes, I am friends with the people who run it and yes, I am biased—but if you go and don’t have a good time, I will personally refund the money you paid for this issue of the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Under the radar: “Latinos in Transition” is the theme of Teatro del Pueblo’s Tenth Annual Political Theatre Festival, opening today at Gremlin Theatre.

Friday, February 18

On the radar: King Tut himself doesn’t go on tour, but just about everything else having to do with him will be at the Science Museum for several months starting today. It’s like Ed’s Museum, but with Tut instead of Ed.

Under the radar: Local playwright Aditi Kapil has been earning increasing national attention for her funny, subversive, and thoughtful writing. The premiere production of her latest play, Agnes Under the Big Top, opens today at Mixed Blood Theatre.

Saturday, February 19

On the radar: “To name a fashion show,” Becky Lang learned in her years as an arts editor, “just use a violent word, like ‘Guillotine!’ or ‘Paralyze!’ with an exclamation point.” There’s no exclamation point in the title of this year’s University of Minnesota Senior Fashion Show, but there should be. Distortion!

Under the radar: The new album by Tennis? What’s that one? Andy Sturdevant explains: that’s “the one where that attractive couple buys a yacht and sails around the Eastern Seaboard and then makes a record about it (and apparently, don’t feel guilty about it, but that’s just how it goes, as we are in one of those pop epochs right now where it’s OK or even encouraged for rock bands to be, or at least act, rich, like the late 1980s, or the mid-1970s).” The guiltlessly gilted (or at least acting gilted) couple are at the Entry tonight.

Sunday, February 20

On the radar: The Old 97s are one of those perfectly-formed four-piece bands: the pretty-boy frontman (Rhett Miller), the flashy guitarist (Ken Bethea), the personable drummer (Philip Peeples), and the bassist who looks nerdy but is the band’s songwriting secret weapon (Murry Hammond). They’re at First Avenue tonight, and those who care about great American music ought not miss out.

Under the radar: No real man needs an excuse to wear a kilt—but for those of you who do, there’s a Scottish Ramble today at Landmark Center. Rumor has it that Chris Coleman’s going commando.

Monday, February 21

On the radar: Veteran Oscar contender Randy Newman would be an easy target for jokes if he didn’t have such a damn good sense of humor about himself. He’s at the Guthrie tonight.

Under the radar: Sandbox Theatre describes their Fargo-inspired show, opening tonight at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, as being “a multimedia mix of homage and spectacle,” which makes me think it’s going to be something like Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles show. Cool.

Tuesday, February 22

On the radar: Whether or not the music of guitarist Bill Frisell is your cup of tea, you can’t argue with his exquisite technique. Frisell is at the Cedar tonight with longtime collaborator Vinicius Cantuária, a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist.

Under the radar: As part of the Minnesota History Center’s “History of Hip” series, Tom Oszman and Jack Stahlmann of will be presenting a series of clips drawn from local newscasts in the 1970s and 80s. There is absolutely no way this can be not awesome.

Wednesday, February 23

On the radar: The Wednesday-midnight slot at Nick & Eddie has birthed yet another improvisational noise band: H.U.N.X., who succeeded Marijuana Deathsquads at that gig, are now a full-fledged band who plan to start playing more shows around town. First up: tonight at the Hex.

Under the radar: Laurie Van Wieren’s 9×22 Dance/Lab is a mandatory monthly stop for everyone who cares about new dance in the Twin Cities. This month’s show features new pieces by Nicole Stanton, Mad King Thomas, and Morgan Thorson.

Daily Planet arts roundup

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Visual Arts

Ta-coumba Aiken, In the Spirit and in the zone at Metro State’s Gordon Parks gallery (feature by David Jarnstrom)

Food and Dining

Domacin Wine Bar (Stillwater, MN) (feature by Bruce Schneier)
Sen Yai Sen Lek (Minneapolis, MN) (feature by Bruce Schneier)
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