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What’s happening this week

Thursday, February 10

On the radar: A lot of great concert photos are taken every day in the Twin Cities, and most of them show up once on a half-screen slideshow, then disappear into oblivion. A show opening today at XY&Z Gallery features photos of local musicians by Steven Cohen, Erik Hess, and Stacy Schwartz—all of whom, I’m proud to say, have contributed work to the Daily Planet—paired with tributes to the musicians by local writers. (My subject? Har Mar Superstar.) Tonight’s opening reception will feature an appearance by “a surprise musical guest.”

Under the radar: “Mention ‘Joel the Swedish Fiddler’ to any Minneapolis music lover,” I wrote last year, “and chances are good that his or her face will light up like St. Lucia’s wreath. Everyone loves Joel Bremer, and not just because he’s a nice guy—he’s a top-notch musician, as deft improvising accompaniment to an American folk song as in playing the traditional music of his native land.” Bremer was attempting to return to Minnesota this winter but was held up at U.S. customs; because Bremer made about $200 during his last visit, without a work visa, he was sent packing back to Sweden. Tonight at Palmer’s, a number of local musicians are hosting a “5 Buck Fiddle Fest” as a benefit to help Joel the Swedish Fiddler recoup his losses.

Friday, February 11

On the radar: Best Coastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Under the radar: Joseph and Joshua Scrimshaw, two funny brothers who are collectively known as “the Scrimshaw Brothers,” are each presenting a show this weekend. Joshua’s, at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, is called Amateur Hour: an attempt to grab the torch formerly carried by Mulligan Stu’s Do-Over Revuew by showcasing the embarrassingly unaccomplished productions of local notables. The novel spin this time around is that the show will feature on-the-spot feedback from “a panel of kids and other real life amateurs!” Later, at the Cedar-Riverside People’s Center, Joseph Scrimshaw presents the one-man comedy show Chocolates and Shame. Tickets are two-for-one if you’re on a date: “No discount if you are with a sibling, a parent, or that person you haven’t had the guts to have the ‘is this a date?’ conversation with.”

Saturday, February 12

On the radar: Whether or not gratuitous tildes in event titles are getting out of hand is a matter of opinion, but what is objectively true is that tonight’s show at the Sound Gallery—the first in a series of live-streamed parties co-sponsored by City Pages and MPLS.TV—will be epic.

Under the radar: There’s a dead celebrity Love Boat cruise departing from the Ramada Mall of America. Nothing I could say could possibly make you any more or, as the case may be, less likely to hop on board, so I’ll just shut up.

Sunday, February 13

On the radar: Catch Robyn quick, before she nukes the fridge and shows up on VH1 Divas.

Under the radar: Amidst the debate over whether the Twin Cities have too many live music venues, a new venue is opening today in downtown St. Paul—but this one has a very special niche. Called the Baroque Room, it’s meant specifically for chamber music.

Monday, February 14

On the radar: Got someone to snuggle? Want someone to snuggle?

Under the radar: A recommendation from Katie Sisneros: “Spend your Valentine’s Day canoodling your significant other/blind date/self at the Kitty Cat Klub to the music of England-based musicians Anja McCloskey and Ottersgear (Mikey Kenney), and Minneapolis locals Fort Wilson Riot and fuzzy-haired folkster Nallo. McCloskey is kicking off her very first U.S. tour in Minneapolis, bringing Ottersgear along for what is also his inaugural stateside appearance. Mikey and Nallo are dear friends of mine (a rewarding relationship that is the product of a semester abroad in the UK in 2006) and I anxiously await my opportunity to hear them croon together once again; their depth of sound convinced me years ago that they were a match made in vocal heaven.”

Tuesday, February 15

On the radar: A question posed recently on Twitter (I don’t remember by whom; tell me and I’ll add a credit): “Can we stop saying ‘Lemmy from Motörhead’? Are there any other Lemmys?” No. There are no other Lemmys.

Under the radar: The latest in the Trylon’s series of Tuesday film premieres is Samson and Delilah, a movie about two Aboriginal teens coming of age together—because it was never going to work out between the Aboriginal boy and that snotty prep-school girl.

Wednesday, February 16

On the radar: I will confess that Yelp is a strange land to me. Having never really Yelped, I understand that one tells Yelp what one likes and what one doesn’t like, and if you do a lot of that and are awesome at it, you get a bunch of Yelp karma (not to be confused with Karma Points), which may cause you to be elevated to elite status, which may mean that it’s easier for you to get into sweet events like tonight’s Frostbite Ball. You’re welcome for that useful information.

Under the radar: The ska revival revival will happen if we just believe! In the meantime, the Toasters stop at the Triple Rock as part of their 30th anniversary tour.

Daily Planet arts roundup


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Visual Arts

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Food and Dining

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