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What’s happening this week

Thursday, December 30

On the radar: A browse through Facebook events suggests that New Year’s Eve Eve is a popular excuse for throwing house parties this year. If you don’t have a keg to tap, hit the Nomad for their “Anti-New-Year’s-Eve Dance Party” featuring “funk DJs and crazy drink specials…woot!” Woot, indeed.

Under the radar: If you’d rather not have your New Year’s Eve be a hair-of-the-dog affair, chill out at the Red Stag, which is hosting a free set by the soulful Black Audience.

Friday, December 31

On the radar: Every venue in town is competing to be the place where you say goodbye to 2010 and holla to 2k11. I’ll be at the 7th Street Entry for “Fuck Resolutions—You’re Perfect,” the MPLS.TV-sponsored party featuring music from Chelsea Boys, Fort Wilson Riot, Claps, Slapping Purses, and DJ Dickpic. (Disclosure: I’m working with MPLS.TV on their new blog.) Down the street, the Crystal Ball moves from its previous home at International Market Square to occupy Epic for “A Masked Affair.” (Disclosure: the Crystal Ball is run by my cousin Dan.) And over at the Varsity, Mark Mallman takes the stage for his fifth annual New Year’s Eve concert. Will he top last year, when he hung from the ceiling? It’s a safe bet that he will. (Disclosure: Mark Mallman is hanging from my ceiling right now.)

Under the radar: The free Memory Lanes/Hexagon Bar “neighborhood party” looks like sheer fun. When the sun rises on New Year’s Day, it’s going to reveal a diverse array of splotches frozen along the half-block between those two places.

Saturday, January 1

On the radar: Take your family to see Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, a 1984 Swedish/Norwegian fantasy film that’s become a holiday tradition for Twin Cities cineastes.

Under the radar: In MPLS.TV’s roundup of people to care about in 2011, I promised that Paper Moose Jumpsuit & Co. “seems poised to become a petri dish for unforgettable experiences in 2011.” The proprietors are wasting no time, hosting a show tonight starring traveling artists from Minot, North Dakota. On deck are a play, a short film, a novelty band, and a new puppet show by Savannah Reich. “This show includes NO PIERCING NOISES, NO GLITTER, and NO KNIFE FIGHTS,” we are assured. “You don’t even have to make out with anyone. Thank God!”

Sunday, January 2

On the radar: Today is your last chance, at the Walker Art Center, to catch the 2010 British Television Advertising Award winners and Alec Soth’s From Here to There.

Under the radar: In Ireland, January 6 is celebrated as “Women’s Christmas”: a day on which the men do all the household work while the women go to the pub and get soused. Though January 6 is no longer (one hopes) the only day of the year that men do housework, women still welcome the excuse to put their feet up and quaff some Guinness. Keegan’s is celebrating the tradition this afternoon with prizes for women, and a performance by Celtic group Locklin Road.

Monday, January 3

On the radar: Triple threat! It’s the third day of the year, and for three bucks you can get into a bangin’ show featuring the Evening Rig and the 4onthefloor at the Triple Rock. It’s part of the Two Bands One Cup series, meaning that if you buy a 24-ounce cup of PBR, you can refill it all night for half price—and you can keep the cup to throw up in later.

Under the radar: If you prefer your live music three clicks louder and three dollars free-er, Triple Cross the Triple Rock and hit up Memory Lanes for Bent Left, Nightosaur, and…Triple Crossed.

Tuesday, January 4

On the radar: Quick, guess: what’s the hottest ticket going today? An event that’s long been sold out? Nope, Yeezy’s not playing a secret show: it’s the Holiday Victorian Tea at the American Swedish Institute. Do they put something in their tea that I don’t know about?

Under the radar: Bluegrass warriors Pocahontas County begin a Tuesday residency at the Turf Club. Hop on in, it’s free for the pickin’.

Wednesday, January 5

On the radar: With the holidays over, Minnesotans are faced with the prospect of settling in for a long hard two (or more) months of winter. There’s no better time for a staycation to Sin City—with the King!

Under the radar: 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities was responsible for Anon, a dynamite production that was one of my favorite plays of 2010. They’re celebrating thir fifth birthday today with a party at Park Tavern. Even if you don’t give a crap about theater, it’s hard to argue with unlimited bowling and cake for just ten bucks.

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