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What’s happening this week

Thursday, November 4

On the radar: Texas rockers Eisley make a big, slick sound—so slick, in fact, that it sometimes threatens to slide right out of your ears. When it catches, though, on songs like “Invasion,” it packs real power. Tonight they’re at the Varsity.

Under the radar: MFR has New Music Tuesdays locked down at Honey, but the monthly LOL/OMG Social Media Meetups are turning into New Band Thursdays. Tonight’s show features Mercurial Rage, Byzantine Beatbox, and a new “secret project” by Lookbook’s Grant Cutler.

Friday, November 5

On the radar: File under Didn’t See That One Coming: A viral marketing campaign by Lowertown merchants has sparked minor but genuine controversy, and the Daily Planet’s even wrapped up in it. Minnesota needed more good hoax stories, and now we can add the bones of King Boreas to the Kensington Runestone—which Wikipedia notes, with amusing dryness, “has been anayzed and dismissed repeatedly without local effect.” Tonight, St. Paul merchants are inviting the public to “dance on the bones” at the first birthday party for Lowertown First Fridays.

Under the radar: You’re pretty much by definition under the radar if your website hit counter has room for 99,993,501 more hits than the 6,498 it’s tracked to date—but the Minneosta (sorry, copied from the website) Minnesota Music Hall of Fame serves the important purpose of reminding us, and the rest of the world, that there’s more to Minnesota music than Bob Dylan and Prince. Inductees at tonight’s banquet are Dick Kimmel (bluegrass); Gary Rue (show tunes); Keith Reese (jazz); Doug and Roger Kodet (polka); the Minnesota Chorale; and the Andrews Sisters, the vocal trio who had worldwide fame of Gaga-like proportions in the 1940s.

Saturday, November 6

On the radar: What the local fashion scene lacks in international cachet, it makes up for in talent, inventiveness, and sheer fun. Case in point: SCENEaSOTA, the third annual multimedia style party, taking place tonight at Loft 2. The promo copy promises a “dynamic experience.” No doubt.

Under the radar: Speaking of multimedia experiences, tonight at 1419 occurs “a night where friends embrace.dream.” Whatever exactly that means, it involves a riotous lineup of electronic music acts as well as an art show. Curator Tim Krause threatens that “this could be one of the last shows I organize here in Minneapolis.” Does he deserve a Keeper Award? Stop by and see for yourself.

Sunday, November 7

On the radar: Hmong designers take their turn in the spotlight tonight at the Varsity for the annual Fresh Traditions fashion show.

Under the radar: Does the idea of Courtney McLean and Phillip Andrew Bennett Low having “a consensual dance-off” get you hot and bothered? No? Well, never mind then.

Monday, November 8

On the radar: There’s so much win in Sandbox Theatre’s new show Unspeakable Things that it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s based on the true story of Donald (1908-87) and Howard (1909-56) Wandrei, St. Paul brothers who were eccentric writers of fantasy and sci-fi. It stars John Middleton and features “over two dozen artist collaborators.” Its original soundtrack of songs by local indie musicians was made available for limited-edition free download. And it’s at the Red Eye Theater. Tonight is a pay-what-you-can show.

Under the radar: Get down in the Whole for a “Spit Shine” poetry battle and an “I’m Pissed” open mic. Not that you have anything to be pissed about…right?

Tuesday, November 9

On the radar: In what’s sure to be a memorable and historic evening, the local hip-hop community will take the Mainroom stage at First Ave to pay tribute to Eyedea in a show that benefits the late great MC’s family.

Under the radar: On my calendar today was “Premiere Premiere.” It took me a minute to realize what that meant, then I figured it out: it’s the premiere of a new series of Twin Cities premiere screenings that will take place on Tuesdays at the Trylon Microcinema. The premiere premiere is a premier primer on a pitiable pugilist.

Wednesday, November 10

On the radar: When Kevin Costner and Modern West came to the Cabooze, I was surprised to find that it wasn’t an ironically named metal band…but when I saw that “Jeff Daniels” was coming to the Cedar, I correctly guessed that it was probably actually Jeff Daniels. Bonus: Disappointed Twins fans can bask in past glories during Daniels’s performance of his song “The Lifelong Tiger Fan Blues.” UPDATE 11/8/10: This concert has been cancelled. Sorry, fans!

Under the radar: Okay, take a couple of Advils before you try to wrap your head around this one. Location is a series of “book-form installations and group exhibitions in print.” So they look like books, they feel like books…but they’re not books, they’re exhibitions. There’s no convention on-the-walls exhibition, but there is a “gallery opening” where you go to an art gallery for the opening of the in-print installation. Got that? One such happening is happening tonight at the Burnet Gallery, for the release—er, opening—of a book—er, group exhibition—called Volume Three. That sounds like the name of a book, but actually it’s the name of an exhibition in the shape of a book. Anyone getting nostalgic for the pre-post-modern era yet?

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