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What’s happening this week

Thursday, November 25

On the radar: When my brother was a teenager, he and his friends drove around the upper Midwest in my parents’ giant conversion van (mood lights? yes. curtains? yes. built-in CB radio? OBVIOUSLY), attending regional jam-rock shows. The van was adorned with a bumper sticker: where the heck is the big wu? If I were a better brother, I’d suggest that Joe and I go to see the Big Wu tonight at the Cabooze. But I’m not, because…

Under the radar: …invitations to Thanksgiving Day parties have been flying in like Angry Birds. I don’t know why, but the Twin Cities seem to have collectively decided that this year, the thing to do on Thanksgiving is to throw and/or go to a house party. So go to one if you’ve been invited, or just wander around until you find one to crash. It won’t take long.

Friday, November 26

On the radar: The Goliath of local holiday theater, the Guthrie Theater’s Christmas Carol, officially opens today with a new script (by Crispin Whittell) and a new director (Joe Dowling). Over at First Ave, the annual Replacements tribute party celebrates the 25th anniversary of Tim, the band’s major-label debut, with an all-star cast of local musicians. (Tip: The Depot has been distributing $1 admission coupons to this show with the purchase of tickets for First Avenue events. No promises that will continue, but if you were going to swing by the venue to pick up a ticket to that Girl Talk show, now might be the time.)

Under the radar: At the Fitzgerald Theater, Kevin Kling presents Scarecrow on Fire, a comtemplative and humorous take on The Wizard of Oz. At Cause Spirits & Soundbar—still, in the wake of its summertime name change, known to many as “(S)cause”—the Arms Akimbo celebrate the release of their thrashing, melodic, and very enjoyable eponymous CD.

Saturday, November 27

On the radar: It’s one of the biggest nights of the year for the local dance scene: Choreographers’ Evening at the Walker, spotlighting several of the best and brightest local dancemakers. Potential audience members are being informed that this year’s show, culled by Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theater’s Susana di Palma from 56 submissions, contains “joyous nudity.” Is that a euphemism?

Under the radar: St. Paul’s RiverCentre is hosting a big three-day bash celebrating the Hmong New Year.

Sunday, November 28

On the radar: We just can’t get enough of that “Sunshine”: Atmosphere wrap up a two-night stand at First Ave with the second of two sold-out shows.

Under the radar: The Harty Boys, a satirical duo created and portrayed by Joshua Scrimshaw and Levi Weinhagen, were so successful solving The Case of the Limping Platypus at the 2009 Fringe Festival that the family-friendly show was revived for a run at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. As of tonight, the Boys are back in town—and “this time, it’s seasonal.”

Monday, November 29

On the radar: Many Twin Cities music fans find themselves wondering why world-class string wizard Leo Kottke, who got his start in the 1960s in Cedar-Riverside coffeehouses, isn’t routinely mentioned among the state’s greats. The guitarist will return tonight, trailing clouds of glory, for a gig at the Guthrie.

Under the radar: The first Southern Songbook concert was my introduction to the remarkable vocalist Bethany Larson, and it left me wanting more. More is available—for free!—tonight at the Kitty Cat Klub.

Tuesday, November 30

On the radar: Is Paul Taylor “the greatest living American choreographer”? (San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle) The “greatest living force in modern dance”? (Northrop Auditorium publicity blurb) “A genius, a legend, and a cultural icon”? (San Francisco Ballet) Decide for yourself tonight at Northrop Auditorium.

Under the radar: In Minnesota, we like to think there’s something special and precious about our arts scene—but are we just fooling ourselves? Are we just another midsize Midwestern state, or do we have a unique identity that’s somehow tied to the art we make and consume? It’s a much-discussed question, and tonight a panel of arts-scene people at Intermedia Arts are going to have a go at it. With Andy Sturdevant moderating and guests including Wing Young Huie, Ananya Chatterjea, Adam Levy, and Chuck Olsen, the evening certainly won’t be boring.

Wednesday, December 1

On the radar: After 21 years, most bands are doing well if they just keep their core fan base happy—but indie rock vets Superchunk are doing a lot better than that. Not only has Majesty Shredding, the album they’ve just released after a nine-year hiatus, thrilled longtime fans, it’s won the group new fans—some of whom weren’t even alive when the band came together in 1989. They’re at First Ave tonight.

Under the radar: Pillsbury House Theatre’s Naked Stages series has featured a significant number of cutting-edge theater artists who have kept right on cutting, hewing a wide aesthetic swath through…okay, this metaphor is getting out of control. The point is, the new Naked Stages showcase begins today.

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