Arts Orbit Radar: 10/29/09


What’s Happening This Week

Thursday, October 29

On the radar: Unbelievably, there are still Miley Cyrus tickets available for tonight. This is going to leave her with no choice but to follow the Britney route and start getting skanky. Speaking of skanky, those man-whores Jim James, Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis, and M. Ward have all put their steady bands on hiatus to jump into a wild foursome at the Orpheum as Monsters of Folk.

Under the radar: Artist Lucia Hwang, writes the curator of her show opening today at Augsburg, “brings up the conflict that occurs when people cannot entirely accept or reject the world around them.” Specifically, she does this with 365 rolls of toilet paper. They’re right…I can neither entirely accept nor entirely reject that.

Friday, October 30

On the radar: Tiësto, the world’s #1 DJ (more or less), is at Epic tonight with several celebrity collaborators “joining” him on video.

Under the radar: Alarmel Valli, one of the greatest living practitioners of classical Indian dance, performs at the O’Shaughnessy tonight. If you go, expect to rub elbows with the Twin Cities’ most passionate dance connoisseurs.

Saturday, October 31

On the radar: It’s Saturday and it’s Halloween, so it’s near-certain that your favorite watering hole is doing something to celebrate…chances are, the exact same thing it did last year. Worth special mention this year: the party thrown by our l’etoile friends at Clubhouse Jäger, and the triumphant return of Transvestite Soup for a Rocky Horror screening at the Uptown Theatre.

Under the radar: With all this Hallow’s Eve hullaballoo, it would be easy to forget that one of the world’s greatest living artists is in Minneapolis to present a talk about the career retrospective opening this weekend at the Walker. Don’t. (Forget, that is.)

Sunday, November 1

On the radar: It’s the end of the road for the Uptown Bar, which is hosting the Twilight Hours, Happy Apple, and the Hawaii Show tonight in the venue’s last hurrah before meeting the wrecking ball.

Under the radar: Yasmin Levy, who’s at the Ordway tonight, is a one-woman world music section: she’s an Israeli singer who combines the music of the medieval Judeo-Spanish tradition with Andalusian Flamenco and stops on the way to grab a few Turkish influences as well. For some punk flavor, she cops Billie Joe Armstrong’s eyeshadow.

Monday, November 2

On the radar: Time out! Dave Brubeck, the man behind one of the great jazz albums of all time (and a number of others that ain’t shabby), is at the Dakota for a three-night stand starting tonight. He’s on his way to DC, where he’ll celebrate his 89th birthday with Presidential honors.

Under the radar: Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to live on potatoes…apparently. Tonight at the Calhoun Whole Foods, Chef Ani “digs into the world of roots and tubers.” Will there be parsnips? Damn skippy!

Tuesday, November 3

On the radar: They Might Be Giants are at First Ave to finally give in and do what you always secretly (or not so secretly) hoped they’d do: play Flood from beginning to end.

Under the radar: The Grates liken their 2006 debut Gravity Won’t Get You High to a giraffe and their new disc Teeth Lost, Hearts Won to something from Where the Wild Things Are. Fittingly, they’re at the Entry tonight with Zoo Animal.

Wednesday, November 4

On the radar: The Uptown Bar is toast, but at least we still have the 400 Bar—barely. (The venue temporarily closed earlier this year, citing slack revenues.) Support a good cause and head down there tonight to catch Austin power trio White Denim.

Under the radar: Moz is releasing a new B-sides compilation, and that’s all the excuse the Transmission crowd needs to throw a Smiths-themed dance party.

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Daily Planet Arts Roundup


Chris DeLine says that on their debut LP Wild at Heart, Lookbook bring warmth to the chilly genre of synthpop. Dwight Hobbes recommends The New Congress’s new disc Anguish, Love & Romance and a pair of solid jazz discs by Jay Epstein and friends.


It was a huge weekend for theater in the Twin Cities, and we were on it! I caught Steve Epp’s immensely ambitious The House Can’t Stand at the Southern; Theatre Latté Da’s enjoyable The Full Monty at the Ordway; and the amusing My Monster, created by Bill Corbett and Joseph Scrimshaw. Sheila Regan, meanwhile, camped at the Guthrie to see first Joe Dowling’s star turn in Faith Healer and then Kevin Kling’s massive production Northern Lights/Southern Cross. Rebecca Mitchell and I faced off with reviews of the two Othellos now playing in the Twin Cities: Rebecca caught the Park Square production in St. Paul and I saw the Ten Thousand Things version in Minneapolis. Looking forward, Deb Pleasants profiles Masanari Kawahara, a master puppeteer whose one-man show A Path Home opens at HOTB next month.

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