The Art of Negative Thinking




Burlesque comedy about 30’s – something guy with a lot of negativity in his soul, taken in tow by well-meaning townsfolk who decide to get him into group therapy and induce “the power of positive Norwegian thinking.” Geirr, who has become severely handicapped in a traffi c accident, spends 24 intense hours around the rehab session as he puts everyone through his tunnel of despair, and anguish before they see the light of a new day.

“A winningly transgressive black comedy that skewers PC correctness toward the disabled, The Art of Negative Thinking plays like Lars von Trier’s The Idiots meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. — Alissa Simon, Variety

The feature fi lm debut for Bård Breien as a writer/director (studied fi lm courses at Copehagen and the history of ideas and literature at the Univ of Oslo).

Best Director Award at 2007, Karlovy Vary; 2007 Torino Film Festival; Best Script, Crystal Globe for 2007, Nordic Film Days. “I have been a little fed up with with the Norwegian cinema, in a way that it always is polite, so I wanted to kick all the doors open.” — Bård Breien

(In Norwegian with English subtitles)


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