Art inside history: Paul S. Kramer exhibit at the James J. Hill House


First off, if you haven’t ever been to the James J. Hill House in St. Paul, well, get thee over there! It’s a mighty fine piece of history and architecture.

Plus, the guided tours are filled with interesting and fun tidbits, and the house is just plain gorgeous.

(Photo: Minnesota Historical Society)

And why just take one tour when you can take more? During the summer, along with the regular house tour, the Nooks & Crannies tour is offered, which takes visitors into places that aren’t on the normal tour. So get going!

(Photo: Minnesota Historical Society)

I love the above photo, of the home during its construction.

Also! Now through Oct. 13, there’s an art exhibition worthy of a visit. Yes, you can attend the exhibit without touring the house, but really, that’s inefficient and silly. Make time for both.

(Apartment Walls; courtesy Minnesota Historical Society)

Minnesota artist Paul S. Kramer, who died last year at the age of 93, was a conservator and gallery owner as well as a painter. He was also the director of the fine arts department at the Minnesota State Fair and a teacher at what eventually became the Minnesota Museum of American Art. This exhibit showcases 30 of his paintings.

(Model in Blue Dress; courtesy Minnesota Historical Society)

The exhibit coincides with the publication of a book titled “Other Realities: The Art of Paul S. Kramer,” which is also the exhibit’s title.

Apparently Mr. Kramer did much of his work in his St. Paul studio while listening to classical music. How lovely is that?

(Photo at top: Minnesota Historical Society)