You sure this is how Richie Havens got famous? Part IV: Now what?


Hell’s Kitchen went well. It would’ve went a whole lot weller had the guitar player, my man Mark Dorshak, not come down with a case of day job. But, nobody in the crowd winced or cringed. Or threw rotten fruits and vegetables. A special plus: Jazzy J of Twin Cities Radio dropped in and brought Patti Horan-Liljegren of Rock Capital Radio along with him.

From late August to mid-October has proved to be time and energy reasonably well spent. Three gigs at Corner Coffee, one at the Kitchen, and audience response is consistent: people dig the music.

Okay, now what? I never understood what women were talking about when they felt rejected ’cause a guy didn’t call. But, I have an idea now what that anxiety might feel like. It’s been a whole day—well, almost a whole day—since the Hell’s Kitchen gig, and they haven’t yet rung up or e-mailed to ask me to come back and play again.

While I pitch other venues and hurry up and wait to hear from either CC or the Kitchen, basically it’s about cooling my heels. And practicing enough not to get rusty all over again (what’s the point of anyone calling if I’m not ready). Y’ have to be prepared for the next opportunity that presents itself. Heck, I’m even looking into getting some airplay for my songs, “Lady Midnight,” “Pretty Girl,” and my duet with Alicia Wiley, “End It All Over Again.”

Meanwhile, it’s reassuring that, especially after virtually a 10-year layoff, there’s still an audience. Yep. Works for me.