Are we disqualifying an entire population because of Net access?


by Ann Treacy | August 14, 2009 • That is my favorite line from a recent editorial in the St Cloud Times, written by an Avon resident who is frustrated by dialup access. The story is familiar – a rural Minnesota resident goes from being frustrated with no access to broadband to having limited choices, none of which are affordable.

Blandin on Broadband offers information on broadband use, access, and trends especially in rural Minnesota. Sponsored by the Blandin Foundation and their Broadband Initiative.

As the author points out, some folks might say that she has chosen to live in a rural area. She has traded in her broadband for no rush hours. Unfortunately, broadband is becoming less of an elective – more of a requisite. Broadband is no longer a time-saving luxury it opens the doors to resources that are at least as necessary in rural areas. Broadband is required for most online job applications, grant applications, research and more.

Anyways the editorial is worth the read!

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