Anyone want a Summit Hill community garden? – February 28th meeting


The SHA Environment Committee is in the exploration stages of planning a community garden for Summit Hill/District 16. The intent is to create a garden with multiple garden plots that would be available to both renters and homeowners. The location under consideration at this time is at Linwood Park, along St. Clair Avenue, immediately west of the tennis courts. At this time, we haven’t determined individual plot size, total number of garden plots, and how we will make the annual registration process equitable and open to all residents both renters and home owners.

Funding for this project also remains to be determined.

The committee will assemble a planning sub-committee in the coming months. Any who are interested to make this project a reality are encouraged to attend a preliminary planning meeting on Tuesday, February 28th, 7 p.m. at the Linwood Rec Center. Please contact the SHA office with questions: 651-222-1222 or