Another Conservative Distraction


By John Van Hecke | May 29, 2009 • Foreclosures are up. The economy is seriously dragging. Unemployment is growing. Average school class size growth shows no sign of slowing. Minnesota has a $4.2 billion budget deficit and Governor Pawlenty is going to gut at least $3 billion from state spending to balance the books rather than agree to a modest tax increase. All in all, not a great picture.

So, what are the conservative polemicists at Minnesota Majority doing to help? They’re suing Secretary of State Mark Ritchie over voter file updates.

Yes, the masters of distraction are at it again. With genuine problems challenging real Minnesota families, they want us to drop everything and spend considerable time and public resources contemplating whether “counties failed to post voter history updates as required within six weeks of the November 2008 election.”

Keep in mind that this is the same crowd that advocates underfunding and defunding the very public activities they cite with failure. Funny, how that works.

Don’t be distracted, Minnesota. The Minne Maj isn’t interested in your voting rights. They’re just hoping that you don’t notice that seven years of conservative public policy is a failure.