Announcing the departure of Daily Planet Editor Cristeta Boarini


What a journey these last two years have been. When I started my role as editor at the Twin Cities Daily Planet in October 2015, I had an inkling of what this role meant. I knew I would be able to help tell stories that amplify and connect marginalized voices. I knew that I would get to embed with community in a way that traditional journalism has never allowed me to do before.

But what has actually happened has been so much more. By working together, we are shifting how storytelling is done about historically marginalized communities. Instead of talking about such communities as a distant other, the vibrant stories that have appeared in the Daily Planet have begun to challenge dominant narratives and showcase the excellence our diverse communities hold.

I’ve revelled in watching our many community-based contributors grow. The level of analysis and in-depth reporting our contributors have brought to this platform rivals that of much larger, national news organizations. The most rewarding feedback I have received is to hear from someone that out of all the media stories on a given topic, Daily Planet got it right.

I am proud to have been part of that change.

But, what has always given me life are two things: storytelling and spending time with my family. By stepping down from this role, I can dedicate more time to writing. This also gives me the opportunity to spend more time helping my family’s business grow (come visit us some time if you’re ever in Dundas!). While I may no longer be part of the leadership of the Daily Planet, I am still a Twin Cities resident. And I’ll still be showing up to marches, to forums and art exhibitions because this is my community, and community shows up for each other.

Thank you for making this work memorable and meaningful. I look forward to working and building with you all on new projects in the future.