Announcement: Block leader support


Hey Block Leaders & Neighbors!

Would you like support door knocking your neighbors?

Are you concerned about a nearby vacant home or problem property?

Do you want help implementing crime prevention strategies with your neighbors?

Request support from your neighborhood organization to organize a better block!

Contact Lead Organizer Ross Joy with CNO <> and Crime Prevention Specialist Karen Notsch with MPD <>.

Block leaders are important in our neighborhood for three big reasons:

  1. Building Community: Block Leaders are asked to organize a gathering on their blocks at least once a year to help neighbors touch base with each other face-to-face.
  2. Communication: Block leaders develop communication tools for people to contact each other and share information about crime alerts as well as fun happenings.
  3. Problem Solving: If there is a problem or issue on a block that affects more than one household, Block Leaders help neighbors come together to work on a resolution.

Reach out to Ross and Karen this month to check-in about leadership on your block.

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