Andy Carvin: Live-tweeter of revolutions


NPR Senior Strategist Andy Carvin tweets and re-tweets updates from the Middle East revolutions 16+ hours a day, 7 days a week.

The UpTake chats with Andy about how he finds his sources, how he balances his rapport with those sources while keeping a journalistic detachment, and how he doesn’t hold back on having a human reaction to the horrors of war.

One of Andy’s closest sources in Libya was Mohammed Nabous, recently killed while livestreaming after a missile strike near Benghazi. As Andy says, “It’s a dangerous dangerous place to be a citizen journalist. Yet people are still managing to get information out, including videos and photos and detailed stories. It’s just extraordinary work they’re able to do under such difficult circumstances.

Produced by Chuck Olsen at the National Conference for Media Reform 2011 in Boston, Mass.