And then sometimes it’s the audience that makes or breaks a show.


I first met Jen, who is, by the way, going through menopause, at Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical Twin Cities Anthropological Inquisitorial Probe at Bryant-Lake Bowl. This is an improvised show within a clever premise of two time-traveling Victorian anthropologists gathering data on American culture. There is heavy audience participation, but not in an uncomfortable way. That said, I also didn’t chime in, though there were points where I was tempted. This was in sharp contrast to Jen, who had no problem offering suggestions and opinions. Lots of them.

I enjoyed this show –- try explaining Minneapolis/St. Paul rivalry, Princess Kay of the Milky Way, and Vulcans to Victorian time travelers. Each show will start from a different jumping off point, and of course audience composition will affect results.

I believe that at least some of the audience members for Lady Love at BLB were looking for actual insight into love. The woman I stood next to in line intimated as much, along with her problem of not meeting men who could keep up with her intellectually. She asked if I had that problem as well. No, I said. Nope. 

So many issues with this show. The gorgeous Amrita Dhaliwal, aka Lady Love, was stunning to behold but grating on the ears. This was another audience participation show, only all of it was painful. Some audience members seemed very uncomfortable answering Lady Love’s questions –- except for Menopause Jen, who had apparently been drinking in the span between Cecily and Gwen at 4 and Lady Love at 8:30. Why, Jen, why? Why were you sitting on two chairs? Why were you making snide quips and then looking over your shoulder to see who agreed with your genius? Why did you randomly shout out “masturbation!” and  “vibrator!”? Bob actually walked out, which became part of the show itself as the house lights were fully up and the BLB theater door is heavy and lets in a loud burst of bowling noise when opened.  I think the train left the tracks when Lady Love asked a guy sitting alone if he was single, and upon further probing, we all found out that he was separated and it wasn’t his idea. Ouch. At the end of the show, Lady Love offered us feathers from her bag of love, suggesting that we use them to play games with our partners, for instance putting the feather in our butt and when the feather falls out we get a kiss.  Rather than wait for my feather, I fled.