And some I ran out of time to include on the last post…Minnesota Fringe Festival final weekend


Even more for your weekend…I feel like a lot of these have been mentioned in many other lists and reviews, but in case you need to hear it from me: 

Billy Beechwood and the Mountain of Terror by Ferarri McSpeedy in the Rarig Thrust. Fringe darlings Mike Fotis and Joe Bozic return with an ensemble cast (and by that I mean just Aric) for a comedy adventure. Saturday at 7. Good for kids 12 and older. Some bad words, likely no sex. Ever.

Candide by Four Humors at Rarig Thrust. I’m a huge fan of writer Nick Ryan, and have always loved whatever the clever minds of Four Humors have served up. Funny, smart. See it Friday at 7 or Saturday at 5:30.

An Agony of Fools by Ben San Del at the Southern. Ben is really hitting his stride as a comic performer, and I’ve heard rumor that this is his best yet. For ages 15 and up. Sunday at 1.

Sneak Thief at Mixed Blood. I’ve already declared my love for Tim Hellendrung (but not in person, where it would actually be awkward). This is a sweet little crime caper good for people 12 and up. Saturday at 1, Sunday at 7.

Happy Hour at the Southern, by Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw. Five dances featuring many different dancers, each dance an ode to a different drink. Audiences have been loving this show. Friday at 10, Saturday at 1.

Class of 1998 at Theatre in the Round. Josh Carson is hilariously awkward on stage, and even more so in person. This is an awesome time travel show that will especially resonate with folks who graduated high school in or around 1998. Also featuring the always-funny Andy Kraft and an ensemble including some very talented young people. This is Bob’s favorite of everything he’s seen this year. Another good one for ages 12 and up. Saturday at 7.

Another plug for Fear Factor: Canine Edition at Patrick’s Cabaret. A really great man and dog story. Saturday at 5:30 and Sunday at 1.

The Hungry Games: Mocking the Mockingjay at Theatre in the Round Saturday at 10. I love Tom Reed, and you should definitely see this if you’ve never seen a Tom Reed show before. He is a wonder to behold. Bob went and came away happy that he doesn’t need to read the books now. Good for ages 12 and up.