This, that, and airplay


The year winds down sort of catch-as-catch can, on a note of this, that and the other thing. 

This damned EP Angels Don’t Really Fly simply refuses to get finished.  Like the guy sang, “The nearer your destination, the more you slip slidin’ away.”  It’s all recorded and such.  Ready to be mixed and mastered.  ‘Cept, can’t figger out for the life of me what to do with the song “Angels”. For whatever reason, no longer happy with it solo.  Truth be told, never been in love with the sound of my own voice: yeah, I know, much as I run my mouth every chance I get, that’s hard t’ believe, but, well, there you have it.  The rest of the disc works, but can’t listen to this one number all the way through without fidgeting.   Plans to go back out to Winterland Studios, though, and add a vocalist, turn it into a duet, have been cursed.  Had a version with Steph Devine in the can, but things between me and her went to hell and, well, sh*t just happens.  Talked to Stan Kipper about bringing him in.  To Laura Moe about bringing her in.  Both are real agreeable.  And it’d be pretty swingin’ was we all three to carry the tune. But, folk’s schedules not quite matchin’ up, ain’t been able to get far past the talking stage.  It’s tempting as Beyoncé in a bikini to just leave the flippin’ song off, but how y’ not gon’ include the title cut?   So.  The whole shootin’ match is shelved for now.

That’s okay.  Barry Knoedl, my old producer, session ace and songwriter partner at Beat Bad Records proved to be something of an angel, hisself.  ‘Bout year or so ago, told Barry about my coming out of mothballs.  God bless him, the guy took a shine to the idea.  Sent a limited edition full-length album of re-mixed material from sessions recorded back in the day.  Limited edition: well, I guess, technically you can stretch things and call one copy (kinda snazzy, disc all decked out with professional printing and label logo) a limited edition.  Most of it don’t sound half-bad.  Few weeks ago, Barry MP3ed me a remixed remix of that albatross, “Angels”.  Lo and behold, if he hadn’t managed to make quite listenable magic.  Giving it all a sixth or seventh once-over, distilled a mixed and mastered 5-song EP certainly suitable for, if not framing, putting on the market.  Titled, here’s hoping I don’t jinx myself, considering how things’ve gone, Dreams Are Born To Die.  Won’t be out in time for holiday shopping, but I can live with that.

The other thing.  Airplay!  Glory hallelujah and pass the gorilla biscuits, about to get some more.  Flava News Radio out of Seattle has songs from Angels Don’t Really Fly in rotation.  And recently added two from Dreams, including, yep, “Angels” as produced by the sterling team of Barry Knoedl and Bill Kern.  Let’s hear it for getting stuff before the public.

Nov. 7th, y’ can listen at a mix-and-match culled from both projects over Flava News Radio.  Gonna be interviewed, thank y’ very large, at On the Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava. 8pm Central Standard Time. 

Works for me.