All the fanciest ketchups! Dijon ketchup!


by Jeff Fecke | May 6, 2009 • Barack Obama likes Dijon mustard on his burgers. Okay by me. De gustibus non est disputandum, after all, and while I think spicy mustards work better with white meat, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to like something different. Indeed, one of the nice things about living in America circa 2009 is that a wide variety of sauces and condiments are readily available to all, at fairly reasonable prices. I mean, yeah, Grey Poupon used to do their rich-guy-asking-the-rich-guy-for-the-mustard commercials, but now you can get that stuff in packets at your local SuperAmerica, right by the hot dogs on the roller grill. I don’t see this as being anything particularly odd.

Of course, I’m not a wingnut blogger.

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