All ages get in the act with Central Identity Project


The Central Identity Project is a community mural project coming out of Green Central Community Education in the Central Neighborhood in South Minneapolis. Lead mural artist Greta McLain is working with youth from the Richard R. Green Central Park School and Central Neighborhood residents to create a 2000 square foot mural expressing the history and cultures of this historically African American neighborhood which has experienced dramatic demographic changes, most notably due to the arrival of Latin American and Somali immigrants. This mural project seeks to provide a positive outlet for youth, combat graffiti, and train youth and residents in using art as a vehicle to address community issues. In partnership with other local organizations, the Central Identity Project is hosting community paint days on Thursdays and Saturdays through August 10, in which neighbors will work together to paint sections of the mural on large strips of parachute cloth or polytab. After all the sections are completed, McLain and her assistants will install the mural on an external wall of the school.

Reporting for this article supported in part by Bush Foundation.