Aisha Cooper Crowned Ms. Liberia-MN 2007


With a platform of “Empowering and Uplifting Young Women,” Cooper is passionate about helping young women realize their power.

21-year- old Aisha Cooper was crowned Ms. Liberia-Minnesota at Park Center High School in Brooklyn Park. Throughout the competition, she showed camaraderie, congratulating the other contestants and appealing to the crowd with an endearing smile.

Her presentation on stage is carried out in her everyday life. With a platform of “Empowering and Uplifting Young Women,” Cooper is passionate about helping young women realize their power. “They need to be vocalized,” she said during the pageant interview. “They need someone to encourage them, to advocate for them, and to listen to them.”

Cooper told TLV, she wants young women to be confident and efficient in their own way. She said too many young women learn to accept subjective roles in life. “They don’t know their power…assimilation is OK, but you don’t want to lose [all] of who you are,” she said.

Cooper also talked about the need for sisterhood. “My goal is to really incorporate unity,” she said.

“We need to help uplift one another – we should be at peace, we can’t fight each other. Express yourself without insulting – just be a woman.” Cooper also said sisterhood can help us to network better and to share knowledge and information for the betterment of the community.

Cooper stood out in the competition, wearing blue, red and silver African attire, a sensual white swimming suit that showed shape without revealing too much, and a bold vibrant fuchsia-colored evening gown with rhinestone accents.

But this is not only a beauty competition for Cooper. Echoing Ms. Liberia-MN 2006, Dekontee Kofa, she said, “This is about more than beauty. I really want to serve no matter what.”

Cooper is originally from Lofa County, and has lived in Ghana, Nigeria, North Carolina, and Missouri. She moved to Minnesota in 2000, where she pursued psychology at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. She has since transferred to Normandale Community College to pursue business management. She currently works at Allianz Life. She’s interested in philanthropy and humanitarian work and wants to someday operate her own non-profit for young women and boys in Liberia.

Cooper travelled to Philadelphia, PA on July 27th to compete in the Ms. Liberia USA national pageant, where she was selected as second runner up.