After two-day strike, workers back on roof at Target Center


After a two-day strike, roofing workers have returned to their jobs at Target Center.

The workers are employed by non-union Stock Roofing, which has contracted with the City of Minneapolis to install a “green” roof atop Target Center.

Workers sought the help of Roofers Local 96 in response to unsafe working conditions and other concerns.

Thursday and Friday of last week, the workers staged an unfair labor practices strike. They picketed outside Target Center, joined by supporters from Roofers Local 96 and other unions.

“The workers were tired of being retaliated against for wanting to form a union,” said Rob Snider, Roofers Local 96 business manager. In protest, “the workers stayed away from work for two days,” he reported, but sent a letter to Stock Roofing stating they planned to go back to work the following Monday.

“It was a two-day strike to let the company, the City, and the community know that what they’re doing is illegal and they should quit doing it,” Snider said. He added that the union filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board to hold Stock Roofing accountable for illegal anti-union activity.

About 12-14 workers participated in the walk-out, Snider said.

About one-third of the workers on the Stock Roofing job at Target Center participated in the strike, said a worker on lunch break Friday who had not joined the strike.

Snider reported Tuesday that all of the workers had returned to their jobs without apparent retaliation by the company.

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