Africans unite to celebrate with Ugandan community in their independence anniversary celebration


Africans united to celebrate with the Ugandan community in a recently held celebration of their country’s independence. It was unique in terms of the diversity of the people who attended the event. Yes, it was a Ugandan event, but there were many members from other African communities, Tanzanians, Somalis, Kenyans, Zambians, Togos and so on. It was also diverse not only in nationalities but in ages. From young members, middle to old. The oldest from tonight’s event is recently arrived from Kambala, Mr. Babuwe, who is 90 years old, celebrating on the occasion with his grand & great grandchildren.

Well, the youngest …. we met some discrepancies, so we couldn’t reach any conclusive decision. Yes, it was an African family night.

“The community comes together in unity, showcasing our heritage, culture, identity to others we live with & our children. That was one of the main purpose of our gathering.” said Conrad Nviri, Secretary General of the Brooklyn Park-based Ugandan-American Association of Minnesota. “As we integrate and become productive & contributing Minnesotans, we also want to remind our youngsters of our culture.” he added.

Speaking about the unique diversity presented in this event, Conrad told the African News Journal: “It shows Pan-Africanism and we are thankful to all of those who came out to support. That is the way we planned and is great, it turned out exactly to our expectation.”

Well, there was no shortage of fun, dance, food, music, chatting, networking, whatever you wanted that day. One of the performers included Annette Nanduja, a well-known traditional dancer from Uganda. Nanduja performed for two U.S. Presidents, Clinton & Bush, during their visit in Kampala.

The main entertainer of the night was Mega Dee, also from Uganda, who performed nearly an hour continuously. Ugandan Benon & Vamposs Group & Acapella Group from Togo rock the night, entertaining hundreds of attendees at the St. Paul’s Higher Ground Academy in which the event took place.

Ugandans marked 45 years of independence from Britain with celebrations all across the world. In Minnesota as well as many cities throughout North America & Europe, Ugandans are expected to organize events to mark the day. In Kampala, President Yoweri Museveni spoke to the nation about continuing the way forward. According to East Africans, many believe Uganda is a model of stability and progress but all that can disappear if the current administration loses control of its priorities especially the current situation of the economy.