African activist joins race for governor


Long time community activist Peter Idusogie joins the already crowded race to the State’s top seat. Former host of the popular Inside Minnesota podcast since last year. He knows the challenges ahead and wants to accomplish two things: to make history by becoming Minnesota’s first African immigrant leader and taking the State’s ever increasing deficit down to the drain. 

The Nigerian-born activist explains reasons for running to the governorship in his website: “As you are all aware, the State of Minnesota is facing many challenges, the biggest of which is our $7 billion dollar deficit. I intend on working with all of you to eliminate this deficit in other to preserve that which has made Minnesota great for future generations.  With wisdom and the right leadership this particular challenge can be overcome and reduced to history’s little bump.”  

Peter adds, “I am committed to ensuring that the wellbeing of all Minnesotans will be front and center in my quest to be your next Governor.  To that effect, my campaign for Governor will be anchored on two strong pillars: Righteousness and Justice.  I will work with both Republicans and Democrats to move our state forward and in the right direction.  The deception that one party has the answers to all our problems is a lie that needs to be unraveled.  We need each other more than ever before to accomplish more for Minnesota. We must muster the courage to deal with this issue head on without dividing our state.” 

Peter is a first generation American. His late mother was an elementary school teacher and his late father a diplomat. Peter graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Peter began his political career in the fall of 1988 as an activist championing, lobbying and engaging in voter education about the need for clean water and investing in environmental technology to clean our environment.  To that effect, Peter supported both State and Federal legislation that met the criteria of providing a clean environment for future generations.   

Upon leaving his post,  Inside Minnesota Politics Producer Mike McIntee issued this statement : “To avoid even the appearance of any conflict of interest, Peter and I have decided it is best that he no longer host Inside Minnesota Politics. However, the podcast will continue with its mission to report on Minnesota politics including interviewing candidates, and tackling those tough issues we face today in our democracy. 

“Like any other candidate, Peter will continue to be an occasional guest at the Inside Minnesota Politics microphone. Peter will be replaced by long-time radio talk show host Wendy Wilde. She was most recently the morning host on Air America Minnesota and before that worked for WCCO-AM. 

Peter will speak next week at the Minnesota Institute for Nigerian Development, sometimes called MIND.

For more info about Peter run, please, visit: In the upcoming African News Journal’s print edition, Peter explains more about his vision for Minnesota and his plans to help immigrant community and create jobs for all Minnesotans.