AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust puts union pension funds to work


In the heart of Uptown, union pension funds are putting union construction workers to work building a mixed-use retail and housing development. The Walkway, located at 1312 W. Lake Street, will include 92 market-rate housing units, underground parking, retail space, and a restaurant facing a new public pedestrian plaza.

The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust is providing $15.7 million in financing for the six-story, $20 million development.

The HIT reports investing $800 million to date in 75 Minnesota projects, creating 8,841 housing units and 6,945 union construction jobs. The Walkway development is creating 100 union construction jobs.

HIT officials from Washington, D.C. came to town July 30 to tour the Walkway and treat construction workers onsite to a “Worker Appreciation Lunch.”

“It’s nice to have a good wage and benefits,” said Lee Silinski, member of Carpenters Local 930 from Cushing, Minnesota.

“The union focus is on safety… and making sure the job is done correctly,” said Matt Ferguson, St. Paul, member of IBEW Local 292. “Financing union jobs is a good thing.”

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