9Tomorrows’ “Gravity in Love”: Easy to enjoy


Gravity in Love by the band 9Tommorows is some pretty good stuff. At the fore are David Kellogg, who produced the album, plays lead guitar, keys, drums and wrote all the music; and Dax Young, who does the lead vocals. Rounding things out are Stephen Helvig on guitar and vocals and Jai Bowie on bass guitar. Sitting on drums are Nick Fett for “Morning Light” and Marcus Skallman for “Levity.” There are impressive credentials. Kellogg has worked and performed with likes of Lenny Kravitz and Jamaican legend Beres Hammond.  Bowie is the son of bluegrass and country icon banjoist Jim Bowie. To be sure, these guys know what they’re doing.

The feel is tight—nice and light—with a warmth to it not unlike that of the Lovin’ Spoonful. “Levity,” reggae backbeat spurring it on, kicks things off on the good foot: laid back, thoroughly engaging, Young belting with bright, slightly raw-edged energy. “Morning Light,” gentle and airy, is one of those reflective tunes you’re apt to reach for in the morning and put on the box, sipping your first cup of coffee for the day, giving yourself a little personal space before getting it together to start out and take on the world. Or, depending on your mood, you could go with the plaintive, fairly somber “Insane.”

Everything here falls into the easy-listening category. Highly recommended is the jazzy, velvet smooth “Karma Too,” a brisk cut that puts Young’s hand with a melody to perfect use. He’s real good at bringing out the color in a song, finessing it with a sure, subtle hand—which works quite well in complement to Kellogg’s sweet guitar playing in general and “Let It Go” in particular. “Walk Through The Door,” another reggae-tinged beauty, flows like a good mood on a summer day with Kellogg just about sparkling on guitar. It also gives Young the chance to air it out a bit, coming with some more power than most of the material calls for.

Gravity in Love has been getting airplay all over the place, on more than 100 radio stations across the country as well as major networks like MTV, VH1, even Discovery Channel and Oxygen. It’s not hard to figure out why. 9Tommorows is an outfit it’s very easy to enjoy.