Finally.  Well, got a couple of those.  

Finally, set last week of August to mix out at Winterland Studios, Angels Don’t Really Fly (EP-BeatBad Records).  Which, honestly, don’t mind it taking two years ago.  Since, only the last time out there did I get the bright idea to include “Baby Lyon”.  Would’ve mule-kicked myself in the ass had the project got finished with it.  Anyone who’s heard the song would happily stand in line to raise back their foot and take a shot, too.  Ironically, that was the first thing I ever put down on tape – back when we still recorded on tape.  And, to tell the truth, unlike most of the repertoire, has been rearranged one little bit.  Yet works so well – okay, I’ll put it like this.  Been opening every set since I wrote it, back around the time they invented dirt and it has yet to not draw healthy applause.  

Finally gigged again.  Did a release thing for Something I Said (Kindle/, nice little informal gathering April 25th for which I did more singing and running off at the mouth than reading from the book.  After a year-plus layoff, entailed a wee bit of scraping off the rust, but, all things considered, went well.  Ain’t nobody complain and everybody clapped good and loud.  Pearll Warren a/k/a Da Black Pearll was on hand.  So was Wes Smooth, newly syndicated at Chicago Hott Radio.  

Finally approaching the finish line re: Black & Single Blues (Kindle/  Who the hell knew I had a novel in me?  Owner-publisher Tracey Williams and senior-editor Jerry Freeman at Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder had enough confidence (was about to say faith, but, this thing ain’t done on faith) to have yours truly adapt a short story One Going, One Staying (Essence) to an ongoing, tune-in-next-week series.  Nobody was surpriseder than me when not only did it catch on, but, now is climaxing with the sequel starting up.  Shoot, cain’t do nothin’ wit’ me!   

Finally glad to have a whole bunch of good news.  There’s more, but, for now, this’ll do.


– dh