7/8/08 Headlines: Retaliation in Shakopee?. Making up stories about Cuba; Somali youth harassed; Phoning DC



ICE raids look like retaliation to residents
by Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet
On Sunday, June 22, federal officers raided homes in Jackson Heights and Shakopee, arresting between 12-20 people. The raids occurred nine days after a rally held by residents and organizers from the area in response to planned Highway 41 expansion.

Coleman perpetuates Cuba-China oil myth
by Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Independent
Sen. Norm Coleman finally got around to aping the latest big Republican talking point on July 3. Like Dick Cheney, John Boehner, Roy Blunt and others, he’s saying that Chinese firms, via leasing agreements with Cuba, can drill for oil closer to the United States than we can. “The Chinese are able to begin operating 90 miles off shore by working with the Cubans,” Coleman said, arguing for new offshore oil exploration.

Somali youth decry police profiling, harassment
by Edwin Okong’o, Mshale
As a Muslim male of Somali descent living in post-September 11 United States, Mustafa Jumale knew that he risked harassment from law enforcement officers and racism from some Americans. Although he had never experienced it himself, harassment by police was a common complaint among his peers. But Jumale thought that if he did everything right – completed high school and went to college – people would treat him differently.

Community Supported Agriculture grows
by Joe Radosevich, Minnesota 2020
What if our food system supported sustainable agriculture, local family farmers, and rural communities? For more and more Minnesotans, “What if” is becoming “why not”.


Bike cops nab bat man
by Ariah Fine, TC Daily Planet
The man wielded a metal baseball bat as he smashed the car windows around six in the evening on 18th Ave S in South Minneapolis on June 19th. Officers Tracy Lemieux and Steven Klimpke, on bike patrol, saw him and headed over. William Lussier, 34, bat in hand, jumped in his own vehicle and made a run for it.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Phoning it in to DC
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
A giant, red phone rolled up to the offices of Senators Klobuchar and Coleman bright and early on Monday, July 5. The phone, and the people accompanying it, delivered a message: stop FISA.

Grand Rounds: residents voice environment, traffic concerns
by Karlee Weinmann, The Bridge
George Puzak’s family has made its home in the Northeast or Southeast Como neighborhoods for the past 100 years.

Public Transit
by volunteers, MTN
South High students Rebecca Hornstein, Cecylia Huston, Daisen Katagiri, Elsabet Roth and Rebecca Shelton explore the importance and challenges facing the public transit system in the Twin Cities. They made the video with help from the Minneapolis Television Network (MTN) through the Voices program.


How far for free speech?
by Mary Turck, 7/7/08 • “Stick your political correctness up your ass.” So begins one of the comments we recently received (and posted.)

So all your hippie friends still listen to Phish…
by John Behm, Culture Bully
Here are some quality tunes to help wean your hippie friends off the jam bands.

“Man, I feel like a womyn”
Pablo and Nicole • Bolivia, 6/18/08, World View
Just another 20-hour day in Bolivia (14 hours of work, 6 hours of play). Yeah, that whole balance thing is going really well.

Marc Summers, is that you?!
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
We just received a press release from one Samuel Rockwell, a Minneapolis native who is currently the drummer for the Brooklyn-based band The XYZ Affair. The band is coming to the Nomad Pub on July 26, and Rockwell sent a few links in hopes of drumming up some press interest. It worked! This is the video for their song “All My Friends.” I never watched enough Nickelodeon to recognize most of the actors making cameos here, but I sure as hell know a Marc Summers when I see one.