7/7/08 Headlines: Fringe blogs; Fewer students, fewer dollars; Civil rights lawsuit against MPD; Go ask Jesse, Dragon Festival


The Daily Planet is pleased to officially announce the debut of five bloggers covering the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Matthew A. Everett, Wendy Gennaula, Kate Hoff, Phillip Andrew Bennett Low, and John Munger are experienced “Fringlings” who will be bringing you the inside scoop on everything Fringe. Stay posted to our newsletter and our special Fringe blogs page for all the latest news and views on one of the country’s premier theater festivals.


Fewer students, fewer dollars – blame the charters?
by James Sanna, TC Daily Planet
The numbers certainly look dramatic – St. Paul enrollment alone is projected to fall 1,700 students between 2007 (K-12 enrollment 39,550) and 2009, according to the SPPS website – but does the declining enrollment in Minneapolis and St Paul public schools mean charters are winning the battle for “customer choice”?

Federal judge rules that civil rights lawsuit against the MPD should move forward
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Independent
A federal judge’s ruling on Wednesday allows the civil rights lawsuit filed by Sgt. Giovanni Veliz against the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) to go to trial, despite the city’s efforts to impede it.

Go ask Jesse
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
With the July 15 filing deadline almost at hand, Minnesota’s maverick ex-gov Jesse Ventura is keeping mum about his plans. According to the Minnesota Independent, Ventura told his former press secretary John Wodele last week that it’s still “way too early” to make up his mind. (When he ran for governor, Ventura filed on the last possible day.) The Independence Party formally endorsed southern Minnesota farmer Stephen Williams as its candidate for Senate, but he would probably defer to Ventura, and would certainly be swamped in the September primary, if Jesse chooses to run.

Dragon Festival Q & A
by staff, Asian American Press
What is the story behind the Dragon Festival?


Hispanic Fanatic on Huffington Post
By Mary Turck , TC Daily Planet
Congratulations to the Daniel Cubias, the Twin Cities writer who blogs as the Hispanic Fanatic! The Hispanic Fanatic blog has been on the TC Daily Planet, and now it has been picked up by the Huffington Post. Read the Hispanic Fanatic in the Twin Cities Daily Planet. And give him a “Buzz Up” at the Huffington Post to boost his numbers there, too!

Practicing art…even in prison
by Gail Olson, Northeaster
Northeast artist James Bailey said his father was a thief and his grandfather was a brawler. When they once passed each other at a prison’s entrance his father going in and his grandfather getting out a local paper did a story on it, joking that the grandfather had handed off his toothbrush to his son.

Domestic Abuse
by volunteers, MTN
South High students Carey deVictoria-Michel, Saoirse Goff, Sammie Henry, Ariana Marston and Britt McFadden made this moving look at the issues surrounding domestic abuse. This video, which contains intense language and images, was produced with help from the Minneapolis Television Network (MTN) through the Voices program.


The value of small business
by John Kolstad, The Bridge
Small, independent businesses have a vital role to play in Minnesota and the Twin Cities. They provide more than half of the employment all across the USA, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA.) During the Clinton recovery in the 1990’s, small businesses created 85 percent of the new jobs, while the Fortune 500 had negative job growth. A survey of Hennepin County businesses in the 1990s, and a recent study of Minnesota businesses by the Minnesota House Research Service, showed that 90 percent of new jobs are in small businesses.


The All-American Independence Day

by Daniel Cubias, 7/4/08 • In the park where we gathered each July 4 when I was a kid, my family was just one the groups who turned the area into a smaller, less-bloody reenactment of one of America’s numerous land rushes. Each clan’s blanket on the bumps and dips of the main lawn signified sovereignty, at least for the day. Grills were stoked and coolers were stocked, while people lounged in the sun and blared radios that were tuned to salsa or Sousa or “Casey Kasem’s Top Forty.”

Uptown street art update
by Dustin Nelson, Minneapolis Street Art Observer
You’ve been warned.

Fringe-for-All #1
by Wendy Gennaula, TC Daily Planet
It’s advent season for fringers. The first candle is this Monday night at the Fringe-for-All #1.

Twin Cities Improv Festival: Part one of three
by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low, TC Daily Planet
Reviewing improv is a strange thing. Without the security of a unifying text, it’s easily possible that the same show might be side-splitting one night and horrifically, jaw-droppingly bad the next.

Returning favorites—3 Sticks
by Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet
“Defeated by the enemy, the General and her entourage traverse fantastical lands as the Gypsy spins their fortunes through electrifying music in this physically daring ensemble created show.”

Poem: Daly & the daylights
by Ryan Bird, InDigest Magazine
From his chintz print armchair, Daly
addressed the nightly news anchors.
He spoke in tones which lesser men
might use when muttering instructions
to porn stars.