7/5/08 Headlines: North High staying open, Worshiping the earth, RNC-WC and the GOP Express




North High will stay open
by James Sanna, TC Daily Planet
Rumors have been flying this summer that Minneapolis school administrators will close North High School, in Minneapolis’ North Side neighborhood, sometime this coming year.

“North High School closing has not even appeared on the School Board’s agenda,” the Chair of the Minneapolis Board of Education, Lydia Lee, said flatly.

Worship the earth
by Liz Rolfsmeier, Minnesota Women’s Press
Several years ago, Lissie Rappaport Schifman was sitting at the High Holidays service at Temple Israel, pregnant and between jobs. She started thinking. Thinking about where she was going to now devote her energy. Thinking about what kind of world she was bringing her child into. Thinking about the current geopolitical climate, our dependence on foreign oil, and the global warming crisis-all of the ecological concerns that many people share. And she looked upward and found inspiration in the roof. To Schifman, the roof was a place to begin.

RNC-WC and the GOP Express
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
The RNC Welcoming Committee posted a link to the 24-page GOP Express guide on July 3. As described by the RNC-WC, the plan is “a rundown of proposed delegate transportation plans, including maps and photos.” The RNC-WC describes itself as “an anarchist / anti-authoritarian organizing body preparing for the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.”

Selling out: Pride festival corporate involvement spurs criticism
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
Does a deal on aluminum siding advance the cause of equality? It’s a fair question given the vast amount of corporate marketing present at Twin Cities Pride last weekend. As LGBT people and their friends and family gathered to celebrate community and identity, many event-goers are left wondering when that celebration stopped being about queer rights and became a mass marketing event for the Fortune 500.


Kimloan Thi Nguyen wins trophies at CPAA International Multi-Arts Festival
by Nam Nguyen, Asian Pages
Kimloan Thi Nguyen, 22, of Burnsville, recently won a pair of 1st places in both the International Chinese Folk Instrument Competition and the International Dance Competition at the 2008 CPAA International Multi-Arts Festival held at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose on June 1st. Nguyen is pictured above with her trophies.

Teen Driving
by volunteers, MTN
South High students Dana Goetsch, Elora Koepcke, Makoto Miller-Tsutsui, Benjamin Westley, Audrey Pallmeyer and Coleman Belton explore the issues surrounding teen drivers, the high accident rate, and efforts to change that with legislation. They made this video with help from the Minneapolis Television Network (MTN) through the Voices program.

Deutsche Tage—A celebration of German roots
by Trang Do, TC Daily Planet
Check out the slide show in the Multimedia box.


Confusing gun control decision
by Myles Spicer, TC Daily Planet
Well, constitutional law experts having been vetting the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down D.C.’s hand gun ban, with varying opinions. But to a layman, the ruling makes no sense whatsoever, and the majority opinion written by Justice Scalia is even more non-sensical and highly confusing.


Or perhaps we will write in Bill Richardson’s name
by Hispanic Fanatic, 6/5/08 • These are perplexing times for Hispanics, especially for those who are Catholic. Actually, that statement is ridiculous, because these are confusing times for everybody, unless there’s some really enlightened individual out there who has achieved inner harmony while the rest of the world roils uncontrollably.

Coming to Minneapolis: Dirty-dancing Pop-Tarts
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
“It’s pretty sketchy when the ‘opening act’ of a concert is a giant strawberry/blueberry Pop-Tart dancing to Akon’s ‘Smack That.’ It’s safe to say things can only go up from there.”

Street fashion at the movies: Varsity Theater and Lagoon
by Ellen Dahl, The Minneapoline