7/21/08 Headlines: Burning questions; FLOWing art; Gardening communities; Changing politicians; $18 doughnut



Burning questions about health
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
The ubiquitous green-and-white signs dot the front yards of Merriam Park, across the freeway from the Rock-Tenn recycling plant. They signal heated neighborhood opposition to proposals for incineration to generate steam for Rock-Tenn’s paper recycling operations, which lost its former source of steam when Xcel’s coal-burning High Bridge plant shut down as a cleaner-air measure.

Art crawl to FLOW through North Minneapolis
by Josiah Jackson, TC Daily Planet
If you visit North Minneapolis between 4-9 p.m. on Saturday, July 26, you can expect inspiration, motivation, and participation at the third annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl.

Community gardens: Where to go from here?
By Clara Peterson, Minnesota 2020
The problem with many of these celebrated benefits of community gardening is that they rely on one or both of two key assumptions: first, that enough people will participate in the garden to render it a significant community-building and health-boosting arena, and second, that the garden itself is big enough to have a noticeable impact on factors like air quality and access to nutritious food.

VOICES Say anything
by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
It is what cynics say about political candidates: “He’ll say anything to get elected.” I’ve demurred when I’ve heard that said about candidates I support. But I’ve had to accept that ideology doesn’t matter much when it comes to the tactics candidates use to … well, said nicely, broaden their appeal; in not-so-nice terminology, pander. I find this disturbing.

The $18 Doughnut
by Elizabeth Rich, Minnesota 2020
In Rochester, Minn., Cindy Daube is paying the price for being a good employer.


Policing the RNC
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
The latest brouhaha over convention policing isn’t about how, but about how many. The St. Paul Police Department (SPPD) says it will have enough boots on the ground by September 1—at least 3,500 cops—while Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher expresses doubts.

VOICES Capitulating to bigotry, Democrats become bigots themselves
by Frank Erickson, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
I don’t see much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The Democrats are just more polite and cordial when it comes to expressing their bigotry.

Art on the SE Como Block
by Jen Ortendahl, The Bridge
Originally the home of General Mills, 2010 Hennepin Ave. has changed over the years; seeing businesses come and go and hosting lone artists’ galleries and studios. Now, the warehouse has come back to life to form 2010 ArtBlok — home to studios for more than a dozen artists, dedicated to creating and displaying a wide variety of art.

Underage and undercover
by Andy Mannix, Minnesota Daily
University students work as alcohol compliance shoppers for Minneapolis police


Distress Symbols: Startling statistics on the state of the union
by Paul Schmelzer, 7/19/08 • New studies on American rankings on the well-being of its citizens and its human development progress worldwide are shocking to say the least.

Jung Couldn’t Play the Guitar
by Daniel Cubias, 6/28/08, Hispanic Fanatic
“You know we Hispanics don’t believe in therapy. We believe in poetry.”

Card shark: Snail mail edition
by Matthew Everett
Doing the Fringe playwrights panel this past Monday at one of the St. Paul libraries, I picked up another show card I didn’t yet have… which, I have to say, is one of the most adorably scruffy off-kilter postcards I’ve seen this year. Made with love, hastily, on a limited budget – it was the essence of Fringe, really.

Card shark: Snail mail edition
by Matthew Everett
A few Fringe show cards even still come in the regular mail. And I’m always happy to see something in my mailbox at the end of the day other than bills, believe me.