7/20/08 Headlines: Art with your coffee; School gardens; Food and ethanol; Complaining about cops


SUNDAY, July 20


Want some art with your coffee?
by Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet
One day you may find yourself sipping your triple low-fat half-caf espresso with a shot of hazelnut and dollop of whipped cream. You’ll be typing away at your laptop and you’ll look up and there on the wall will be a painting that will catch your eye. You’ll stand up, appreciating the gem that was there all along, but that you never noticed before, and you’ll decide it would go perfectly in your living room. So you’ll inquire of the barista, after you bus your dishes, and you’ll arrange to purchase the painting.

Benefits: the case for community gardens
by Clara Peterson, Minnesota 2020
The garden at Loring School is an example of one of those few communal community gardens. Its story begins with a program called Kid’s Cook, an optional after-school cooking class that volunteers Robin Krause, Starla Krause and Susan Telleen started teaching five years ago at Loring Elementary School in Minneapolis. Eager to help students understand and appreciate the origins of food in this age of pre-packaged, processed meals, they focused on the basics of home cooking from scratch. Children learned how to cook a chicken, roast vegetables, bake bread, and make a variety of healthy foods like vegetable stock for soup and curry.

Leaked food price report pushes ethanol debate
by Clarise Tushie-Lessard, Minnesota Daily
The University has done controversial studies on ethanol in the past, but a World Bank report leaked in early July pressed the debate even further.

Complaints against cops frustrating but necessary
by Joel Grostephan, Mshale
Although it may take years for complaints against Minneapolis police officers to be resolved, and only a few result in any disciplinary action or victim compensation, city officials and civil rights activists encourage immigrants to file formal complaints.


Natural-born leader
by Pam Taylor, Minnesota Women’s Press
When Nancy Hone was 16 years old, her speech teacher asked the class a question that changed her life. The shy teenager shocked even herself as she shot her hand high in the air after being asked who would one day be famous. Only two students raised their hands and she couldn’t believe she had the confidence to be one of them.

Readers, Writers and Books

Summer reads
by Glenda Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
Do you have a definition for “summer reading”? Some seem to suggest it is a quick, pulls-you-in, you-can’t-put-it-down read. Others might indicate it’s the time of year when a favorite author’s novel or a current 2008 book is waiting to be picked up for a relaxed read.

Book note: Wang Ping spans cultural chasm with Last Communist Virgin
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
To span the cultural chasm between China and the U.S., Wang Ping invokes a universal premise: lives unsettled by change and souls determined to find harmony in an unstable world.


What? Wasn’t Phil Gramm available yet?
by Rich Broderick, July 19, 2008 • Had to chuckle at the news that Eric Schultz, former national spokesperson for the 2008 John Edward’s primary campaign, and a state communication director for the 2004 Kerry Presidential run, has decided – after what is described as intensive lobbying by DNC mandarins – to swoop into Minnesota and help rescue Al Franken’s Senate campaign, officially labeled by the Washington Post a couple of days ago as “foundering”

Loni Anderson to be immortalized on Hennepin
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
Hennepin Avenue will soon be home to our very own “Walk of Fame,” wherein “artist-designed terrazo plaques” will remind downtown denizens of the several Minnesotans who have gone on to achieve at least a middling level of national name recognition. Loni Anderson isn’t even the first to be honored! She may be a former Miss Roseville, but she still has to wait her turn behind Albert Lea’s Marion Ross (Ritchie’s mom on Happy Days, and the voice of SpongeBob’s grandmother) and New Ulm’s Tippi Hedren, the Birds star turned animal rescuer.

And a Feliz Party to You Too
by Daniel Cubias, 6/28/08 • You’re no doubt familiar with this phrase. Many times, I’ve walked into a celebration and been greeted with the shout “Happy party! Happy party!” And then everybody hugs.

Fringe top 10—#2: No Refunds Theatre Co.
by Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet
I’m coming late to this party. After all, No Refunds Theatre already had quite a following for its Fringe hit “Kung Fu Hamlet.” And they amused the hell out of me at last year’s Fringe fundraiser, Five Fifths of The Wizard of Oz. But after seeing two really great No Refunds productions in less than six months (Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and What’s Done In The Dark), I am a convert.