7/19/08 Headlines: Full of festivals; Growing kids in the garden; Fighting employment fraud; Bachmann vs. Planned Parenthood



A summer full of festivals
by Marion Gómez, TC Daily Planet
Be sure to check out some of these free and exciting festivals happening in a neighborhood near you in the weeks to come, starting with Rondo Days, Lake Street Festival, Fallout Arts Fest, Colombian Independence Day, the Sister City Festival, and Highland Fest this weekend.

Growing healthier kids and communities, in the gardens
by Clara Peterson, Special to Minnesota 2020
When I first heard the term “community garden,” I pictured a big, open plot in the middle of a neighborhood-a large garden accessible to, and maintained by, any and all members of the community who would like to help maintain it. In fact, community gardens take many forms.

Judge approves rules that fight misclassification of independent contractors
by Michael Kuchta, Workday Minnesota
An administrative law judge has given Minnesota the green light to pursue its crackdown on the fraudulent misclassification of workers in the construction industry.

Bachmann calls to defund Planned Parenthood
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
Rep. Michele Bachmann called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood last week. In a “special order” floor speech organized by Bachmann and Chris Smith, R-N.J., Bachmann called for an end to any federal money for the network of reproductive health care clinics because Planned Parenthood offers abortion services.


Twin Cities Dragon Festival 2008
by Ian Yue, KFAI
Dragon Boat Racing, while traditionally a Chinese sport, has spread internationally and is an integral part of the annual Twin Cities Dragon Festival.

OLM’s board chair expresses disappointment with progress in OLM
by staff, The Liberian Journal
As if the leadership of the Liberian community in Minnesota is struggling to find its bearings, major departments of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, also called OLM, are slowing grinding to a disappointing halt more than six months into President Kerper Dwanyen Administration.

OLM’s Kerper Dwanyen leaves for Liberia
by staff, The Liberian Journal
The Liberian Journal has confirmed that Mr. Kerper Dwanyen, President of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, will be leaving for Liberia to pursue what he termed” Business opportunity”.

Business news briefs
by Staff, The Bridge
Citgo closes to become Metro Petro; poles to be replaced for wi-fi; Seward Redesign gets new digs, SNG nerw office mates; Resource Center of Americas building to reopen.


Interview with a vampire
by Paul, 7/3/08 • Virtually every day, one or more of our interview subjects postpones or just doesn’t show (despite the standard 2-3 confirmation phone calls that precede each interview). Usually, their excuses for bailing are lame, but today we had a good one.

Fringe Top 20 – #19 Culture Mesh Collective
by Matthew A. Everest
After seeing Culture Mesh Collective’s first preview of “Trying Guilt” at Fringe-For-All, I was still on the fence, but having seen a followup preview at one of the libraries in St. Paul, I’m sold, and there’s two primary reasons why – the writing of Anton Jones, and the acting of Christina Frank.

Fringe-For-All 2008

by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
Fringe-For-All was a pretty wild time, as usual: a packed house of enthusiastic theatregoers, and a rapid-fire smorgasboard of various categories of lunacy.